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About the Author Bundle

When you buy a bundle on you get resources like masterclasses, exclusive articles, worksheets, and downloads for a value price so that you can dive into a topic you are passionate about. 

The Author Bundle is LIVE! If you are an author working on getting your first $1,000 in book royalties then this bundle was

made for you.

Gain: Independent Author Starter Pack

The Author Bundle

For independent authors working up to their first $1,000 in royalties, purchase this bundle to gain access to...

Writing and Mindset Resources like:

  • Masterclass: How to Write a Book When You are Busy AF

  • Worksheets: Happy Story Bible & Character Mindset Planner

  • Bonus: Chapter Planner Worksheet (not sold anywhere else)

Strategy Resources:

  • Masterclass: How to Get Your First 25 Book Reviews

  • Exclusive Article: Three Surprising Lessons From My First $1,000 in Royalties (not sold anywhere else)

Includes Lifetime Access: Get each update to the bundle automatically, no matter the increase in price.

Bundle Price: $84.99 (Increasing in November)

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