What is Author Mindset?

Mindset (n) - The collective set of attitudes held by someone.

An Author Mindset is the act of believing and acting like an author, even before you are published.

I've seen too many people sell themselves short because they are not yet published, and doing distinctly "unauthor" things that are holding them back from what they truly want.

On another token, I see people putting in the work of an author and instead call themselves "aspiring." If you are acting like an author, you are one, regardless of publication status. Treating yourself as anything but will only hold you back.

An author is someone who writes books. They do multiple drafts until they are satisfied with the project. They gather feedback from beta readers, critique partners, and editors. If you have done any of that, honor yourself by calling yourself an author.

Author Mindset Coaching

As an Author Mindset Coach, I help authors believe in themselves, find balance in their lives, and achieve their goals (whether they be writing or otherwise). I do this through personal development and one-on-one coaching on Parteon.

Patreon is a tiered membership site where you can choose to invest in yourself, in someone you want to support, while gaining support and incentives yourself. Each level up includes more individualized support.

If you are a current patron, you can reference this master list.

If you haven't joined and want to, now is the time.

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