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The Fated Tales Series Book Club

Gain access to an exclusive dashboard of nearly five hours of video chapter summaries and behind the scenes, weekly reading emails, and more as you read Ember Dragon Daughter! Get behind the scenes on the series with the author, me!


How it works:

  1. Register your email for the Ember Dragon Daughter book club below.

  2. Receive the password to our secret book club page in your inbox!

  3. Get reading assignments for the club and Fated Tales Series updates over email.

  4. Receive updates on new books in the series.

Already registered?

  1. Check your confirmation email for the book club password and enter it below.

  2. Check in with your weekly reading assignments as you complete Ember Dragon Daughter!

  3. Want to jump ahead? Read assignments ahead of the emails on the secret book club page.

  4. Have fun diving into a new fictional adventure.

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