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You can and you will!


Mindset Coaching helps set you up for success through intentional support and reframes so you live happier, believe in yourself, and achieve more of your desires.

What is Mindset?

Mindset (n) - The collective set of attitudes someone holds as truth.

For example, an author mindset is an act of believing and acting as an author even before you are published. Many people think they are acting as an author, when in truth they are not.


As your coach, I help you identify what areas you are not showing up as your true self. For example, you could be putting in the work and not yet be where you think you should be. Or, you could be focusing on your potential, seeng it as possible, and still feel trapped in procrastination and not yet pushing in th way you know you should  be.

My job is to help you see those mindset gaps and how you may not be showing up (even when you think you are) so that you can achieve an unstoppable baddass life and achieve the life you desire.

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Work with Me

If you like my social media prescense, podcast, how I speak to you in DMs, and our other online interactions than you know who I am and my style as a coach. I care about you and want you to succeed.

Through one-on-one coaching, I can help you question what is holding you back, break through your limiting beliefs, help you find confidence in yourself, and get you back on the right track to your desires.


We do this through asking the right questions, identifying what feelings you want to cultivate in your dream life, and creating a support system where you feel safe to express yourself. It's all mindset work.

Mindset is the key to how I published my debut fantasy novel, Ember Dragon Daughter, on the anniversay of my husband's cancer treatment completion and how I shared our journey in my self-develpopment book Stronger Now. Did I mention I'm a mom? All of the above was completed while raising our beautiful child, writing future books, and running a digital advertising team at my corporate job.

And yet - I'm at peace. I am happy. I am able to make it work.

Do you want that too?

View the packages below and then click Apply Now.

I only take one client at a time.


Social Media for Authors

PS Malcolm

""Workng with Rebecca is absolutely magical."

She has an uncanny way of asking the right questions and helping me to break through limiting beliefs and doubts I uncover time and time again. I know she cares deeply because she takes the time to listen and fully understand the situation. Rebecca will motivate you, inspire you, and help you unlock the best parts of yourself to grow and thrive.

Gain: The Support You Need for the Life you Desire

After reaching the top 20 Teen Mythcal Creature and top 100 Teen Royalty Fiction category on Amazon with my debut novel, after years of work that was limited by my scarcity mindset,  I learned what it took to believe I was capable right before release. You can too. In fact, you can get to goal-getter and best seller status faster than I did.

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Three Month Package

- Six 60 minute video calls (2x per month, 3 months)

- Email and DM support

-$259 per month ($777 total)

Image by Michael Dam

Six Month Package

- Twelve 60 minute video calls (2x per month, 6 months)

- Unlimited email and DM support

- Author Bundle or The Powerful Woman included

- $204 per month ($1,222 total)

Image by Ivana Cajina

One Year of Support

- 24 one-on-one video calls (2x per month, 12 months)

- Author Bundle, The Powerful Woman, and all future programs released during our year together

- Stronger Now signed copy and Marble Set first month joininig

- $185 per month ($2,222 total)

One Session: For $111, receive a one hour session with Rebecca.

This session is self-contained, without additional email and DM support.

Q: Do you have to be an author to work with you one-on-one?

A: Not at all! I often work with authors, but it is not required. I am available for creative individuals willing to think beyond the lives they were told they had to aspire to.

As a mother with a 9-to-5, the solo earner for the family, and an authorpreneur... I know the pressures you could be under and what it is like to be busy and want more simultaneously.

If you are willing to break through from the beliefs and lifestyles impossed on you, submit an application to work with me.

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