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Unstoppable Word Boss

Rebecca K. Sampson

As a nonfiction author, I help creative thinkers find their confidence and claim their power to share their own message through personal development.

As a YA fantasy author, I write novels that show characters that take on scenarios that can seem insurmountable like swift change, massive responsibility, and being different, through the backdrop of unique fantasy worlds.

Pink Blossom

Become Unstoppable

What if you could love, appreciate, and find joy in your life just as it is right now, while still working towards transforming it into the life of your dreams?

After my husband’s cancer diagnosis, I said enough was enough. From hopeless to unstoppable, you’ll read how I moved through fear and stopped letting circumstances tell me no. Not only did I finally meet my dream of publishing my fiction novels, but I also fostered a go-getter attitude that has taken my life and career beyond my imagination.

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Read Ember Dragon Daughter

Four Kingdoms. Four Beasts.

One Hidden Princess.

Read the bestselling debut fantasy series on Amazon and Audible, available now!

"Dragons. Mermaids. Intrigue. Deception. So many of my favorite things wrapped up into this beauty."

-Amazon reviewer

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