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We pursue change to bring in more good. This journal challenge was built to help multiply goodness, inspired actions, and ownership in your life. We deserve that, don't you agree?

Learn: About Yourself and How to Listen for and Take Inspired Action

What is the 30 Day Catalyst Journal Challenge?

A dedicated Facebook Group, daily journal prompts and reflections, weekly videos, and the Change Catalyst Formula to close each session with inspired actions and empowerment.

AKA 30 days of support and time you dedicate to yourself.


Because honestly, you deserve it.

But, what is the Change Catalyst Formula?

The Change Catalyst Formula is six lines at the end of each journal entry. Each of the six lines starts with a specific statement, has a different middle, then closes with the same catalyst line each day.

You'll learn the exact written recipe for the Change Catalyst Formula when you watch day one. I can't wait to get your feedback and help you see first hand the infinite power and potential you have in your life too.

Because how you speak to yourself, makes a difference.

How you approach your day, makes a difference.

The habits you cultivate, shape your future.

And if something simple like this can help you feel unstoppable, that is worth a few extra minutes a day.

Grab a pen, your journal, and let's go!

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