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Ember Dragon Daughter

Her heart was fated. Her destiny was her own.

​Ember Dragon Daughter is the first installment in an exciting epic YA dark fantasy series that fans of The Selection and A Court of Thorns and Roses will devour.

In a world where true love is promised and dragons have gone missing, a mysterious fateless plague threatens the enclosed kingdom of Ashkadance.

When Ember is thrust into a dangerous new world, she will uncover truths tied to the plague, the death of her moms, the royal family, and more--changing everything she's ever known. Now that she has love and her secrets are revealed, will she risk all that she has gained to accept her destined fate? Or will she rebel against it?

Ember has spent her whole life running, keeping herself and her secrets isolated--just like her moms would have wanted. Ember doesn't want that anymore.

Fans of The Selection's complicated family relationships, re-writing of history, romantic courtship, rebel plots, and royal balls will enjoy uncovering the many secrets of the royal family set to oversee the kingdom of Ashkadance in Ember Dragon Daughter.

Fans that resonated with Feyre's deep need to protect, the complexity of many separated sectors with different magic rulers, and a complicated destiny that takes unexpected turns in A Court of Thorns and Roses will love the threads beginning to weave in Ember Dragon Daughter and the Fated Tales series.


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Christian V.

Needless to say, the ending blew my mind when it all came together, and I am totes stoked for the sequel.

Lea F.

The world-building is so rich and fascinating with all its magical creatures and customs.

D. G.

It was impossible to put down and I finished reading the same day I started!



ember dragon daughter fated tales book r

"The whole "Fated" system is a really interesting idea, as the novel suggests it's a great thing to be fated, but fate is not always glorious. It was a great concept that was well explained and comes across a bit like in Once Upon A Time (TV Show) where fairytales are awoken to reality."

-Excerpt from Little Novelist's

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