Hasley Fateless

Love finds a way.

What happens when true love is interrupted, in a world where it is guaranteed? Welcome to the Fated Tales.

Hasley Jeweler and Arsenio Trader were meant to meet—but their fating was derailed by the building of the impenetrable wall surrounding Ashkadance.

Little do they know that love finds a way, and Hasley's journey as a Fateless will teach her that order isn't always the answer... that sometimes, rules are meant to be broken.

In book 1.5 of the Fated Tales Series, we follow Hasley as she listens to a mysterious voice in her head after her best friend is discovered to be the lost princess of the dragon kingdom of Ashkadance. Where will it lead? Who will she meet? And what happens when all the walls surrounding her and their kingdom fall down?

Get clues into the world beyond Ashkadance in the Fated Tales Series, the highly anticipated new release Hasley Fateless.

Hasley Fateless is a companion novel to Ember Dragon Daughter. Are you caught up?

An Inside Look Into the Fated Tales Series