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Law of Attraction Journals

Planners and journals for creating an unstoppable life - all tailored to the practices and manifestation of the law of Attraction. These journals will help you plan out your day with intentional action, practice an attitude of gratitude, and get you set up for success.

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Focus on your identity and everything else will fall into place.


The Manifestation Planner was designed to help you focus on the inspired actions and unyielding power you are capable of.


The layout of this planner was formatted to help you become closer to your Vivid Vision--how you perceive the best version of yourself to be, do, and act.


Using a combination of Law of Attraction principles mixed with project planning, positive affirmations, motivational quotes, and more--this 90-Day undated agenda is exactly what you need to become an unstoppable force in achieving your dream life. Vivid Vision (Higher Self), monthly pages, weekly plans, and then 90 daily action pages help you create and achieve on a daily basis.


Get clear on your dreams and become a more powerful Law of Attraction student.


Utilize the power of journaling, scripting, and gratitude to unlock an unstoppable life and manifest your dream life. With 30 pages each of journal prompts, future journaling (script your life exercises), and gratitude rampages you create clarity in your visualizations and meditations that then make manifesting easier.


The layout of this notebook was formatted to help bring you a tangible feel on your dreams, goals, what you love and what you want to change. This is your manifesting super power, as clear dreams are more likely to come true.


What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction, or LOA, is a practice of using your energy, feelings, and actions to align with the future you want to have.


When you "act as if" you already are living your ideal life energetically, what you seek will find you. The Law of Attraction helps you reframe the world so that everything is happening for you, not against you. Learn more on the Happy Write Now podcast, episode 15.

What is LOA
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