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How to Feel Better When Decluttering

Updated: Apr 27

Today's mood is starting over. Everything must go! If it no longer suits who I am or what I am doing, has bad memories attached, is half broken, makes me unhappy, is somethign I thought I would use but never did, bought with the wrong intentions, or there is a newer model that I feel ready's got to go.

I have been in a massive state of decluttering the past few months and one thing that I did differently this time was talk to every item I was donating/throwing away/recycling and tell these items in variations of: "I am glad you were in my life. Thank you. I no longer need you. Goodbye."

Using this language, approaching your decluttering with gratitude, helps you feel better when cleaning your house.

It has been a strange, peaceful, and happy send-off, acknowledging these items have had a function for me before but no longer did now. Just because the item wasn't right for me anymore, didn't mean I wasn't grateful for it.

Doesn't that feel nicer than shoving things in trash bags in a tizzy, thinking about "wasted money" or how your house isn't where you want it to be yet?

We can't break our habits if we don't acknowledge the past that built them. Clutter is like all your past events and history staring at you and clogging your emotional field. Removing these items from your life, and giving the items you want to keep a place in your home that is easy to find and safe, helps you move on.

This phrase is also helpful for cultivating new mindsets.

If you are leaving behind your money scarcity mindset, for example, tell your brain "thank you for keeping me safe" while also acknowledging that you no longer need scarcity to feel safe anymore. Tell your brain it is safe now to change your mind and learn something new.

Our subconscious programming can keep a lot of old and past-down beliefs stuck in our life because it sees change as a threat to all that it knows. Calmly telling your brain you don't need to believe something anymore, that it is safe to move on, and that you are grateful for the old belief when you needed it - helps you move on.

To the advice of Ariana Grande's song, "Thank U, Next," gratitude and lessons are necessary as you say goodbye.

What is a random item or mindset you want to say thank you, and goodbye, to?


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