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Rebecca K. Sampson is a young adult fantasy and personal development author, focused on stories of overcoming. When she isn't writing, Rebecca is helping other creatives pursue their dream lives through mindset coaching, going on dates with her high school sweetheart, and raising their toddler.

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ember dragon daughter fated tales book r

"The whole "Fated" system is a really interesting idea, as the novel suggests it's a great thing to be fated, but fate is not always glorious. It was a great concept that was well explained and comes across a bit like in Once Upon A Time (TV Show) where fairytales are awoken to reality."

-Excerpt from Little Novelist's

Book Review

Featured Events
  • Co-Host: Essence of Angels Book Launch Party (March 2020)

  • Novice Judge: Miss Fort Lauderdale Teen (January 2019)

  • Host: Pondering Writing Retreat (April 2019)

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