The Ultimate Character Development Sheets

Character Development Worksheets

  • "The Character Mindset  Planner lets you take a deep dive into what makes your characters tick. You'll find yourself answering necessary questions about their fears, memories, and ambitions, and how they weave into your plot. Rebecca has created a must-have tool for authors who want to take their characters to a believable level!" 

    —  Kathleen Contine, Science Fiction debut 2019


    "The Character Mindset Planner helped me delve into the mind of my new MC in a way nothing else has ever done. I could see her coming to life on the page in front of me—a real 3D character with emotions, dreams, and fears. The CMP is exactly what I needed as I start a new WIP!"

    —  E.C. Woodham, author of The Lights Out Club (2019) & The Real Deal Co-Host


    "I love that you included the general info that we should know about our characters, and then goes deep from there. My favorite aspects are found within the last sections, including Character Meets Plot, Opposing Characters, Fear's Hidden Lesson, Inner Discovery, Fork In The Road, and the set of further questions to ask about each character. I have ended up needing this because I've made the scary choice to utilize multiple points of view! I'll need to REALLY know the characters I've chosen for a POV. ​ I know I'll be using this often along with your chapter planner, to keep all the story straight. "

    —  Peggy Spencer, Historical Fiction Author & The Real Deal Co-Host

  • Does this sound familiar? 

    • Scenes are falling flat

    • You don't know what to address in the "muddy middle"

    • The ending is rushed

    • The stakes aren't clear


    I've been there! I let those feelings fester into full-blown writer's block. Honestly, you don't know your characters as well as you should. Neither did I! But then...

    “A tree that grows too quickly without developing deep roots falls over in the slightest wind. Develop depth not shallowness of character.” ― David Cuschieri 


    I took a step back and looked at my main characters. 

    • Why were they acting this way? 

    • What started them on this path? 

    • Why didn't they avoid this conflict? 

    • What are they scared to lose? 

    • What makes them think they are the only answer to the problems in your fictional world? Because seriously, who WILLINGLY decides only they can save the world and it all falls on them?!

    With a few key questions, I was able to pinpoint what plot points were missing and what decisions my characters needed to partake in. But more importantly, I was able to better weave in their motivations and develope their character arcs with this new knowledge.

    I found what was missing, you can too.

    You need fully developed characters that your readers will root for. And you're almost there.


    How the Character Mindset Planner can help:

    In this 18 page PDF you will...

    • Uncover character motivations and their stakes in the story - what does the MC truly have to lose?  

    • Explore their history, why do they have their habits and flaws?

    • Follow a set of writing prompts to understand your character's mindset during the different stages of the novel  

    • Explore what your character feels confident and self-confidence about and how this can play into your plot  

    • AND MORE through pages of charts, prompts, and reference guides for diverse, relatable, in-depth character mapping


    What results can you expect?


    The Character Mindset Planner answers the following questions about your characters, their history, and how they impact their ficitonal world?

    • Characteristics Builder - Start with the basics, what does your character look like?  

    • Personality Quickstart - Next level, what do they like and dislike about themselves?  

    • Emotional Touchpoints - In high-intensity moments, how would they react?  

    • Character Routine - How much of their life change throughout the story?  

    • First Memories - How does their childhood define them?  

    • Character Meets Plot - As their story develops, how does your character's goals?  

    • Opposing Characters - What do they have in common?  

    • Fear's Hidden Lessons - How does fear impact plot development?  

    • Inner Discovery - All traits are learned, but from where?  

    • Fork In the Road - What would happen if your character decides not to join your story?


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      • Quick Glance Character Tracker sheet

      • Family Relationship Tracker

      • Journaling prompts for further character exploration

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