Replay from the Paperback Summit: How to Get Your First 25 Reviews.

Masterclass: How to Get Your First 25 Reviews (PS Replay)

  • Teach Everything You Know 🔆. Yes, yes!

    I know that growing an author business and backlist, raising a family, and working a muggle job to pay the bills is HARD but worth every second spent. I wouldn’t change my chaotic life much at all. Well, maybe a tiny bit, but I’m still filled with gratefulness and learning every single day that I know if my life never changed I’d still be happy. That’s an important mindset to have. Have joy and gratefulness for the now while planning for even more joy for later!

    One of the things I’m here to teach you is author strategy. I won’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve learned a lot in a short time and am implementing all that I can.

    One strategy that has helped me is encouraging reviews for my debut novel, Ember Dragon Daughter.

    Now let me get one thought out in the open - I am not a top ten Amazon best seller in any category. I did get to top 15 in Royalty Fiction once wohooo, but just being transparent. I’m proud of my almost 300 books in readers hands as an indie author.

    I’m especially proud that I’ve been able to convert those almost 300 readers = 10% reviews. I have about 30 reviews each on Goodreads and Amazon due to my strategic review efforts. Want to know what EXACTLY I’ve been doing to get those review numbers?

    I break it down in an EXCLUSIVE class a replay from Paperback Summit by Paperback Kingdom.