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Masterclass: How to Write a Book When Busy AF

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  • I have just completed my debut novel, Ember Dragon Daughter. It is off now with my wonderful copyeditor and I'm putting together my release plan. This feels like a dream come true. I even cried about it on Instagram. Like, literally cried on camera.


    I know many people don't get to this point. Honestly, for a while, I worried I wouldn't finish the book either.


    And it makes sense! Something as big as writing a novel is exciting and scary.


    And writing my novel taught me so much. There is so much that I now want to teach you.


    I learned that:

    • It wasn't time that kept me from writing before, it was the way I felt and managed my time
    • I can write even when I'm a mother, wife, friend, and employee (and busy AF)
    • I can write a book even when I'm away at work 55 hours a week (commuting across counties)
    • I can reframe the story of my life so that I am happier, productive, and have FUN writing my book
    • I can write a book even when working through tragedy, like my husband's cancer treatments
    • Goal and dream achievement are not only available for those with money and spare time. They can be for anyone!
    • And now that I've done it once, I know I can do it again and do it better than before!


    I can do these things because I learned how to take breaks, how to prioritize different areas of my life during different seasons, and figured out where I was waisting time. I began by doing one thing that would lead to my goal.

    Some days I could only work on my goals for ten minutes. Others? Three hours of blocked time. Many days? No writing at all.


    During those no writing days, I focused on my mind. I would think through the problems in my plot, daydream about my characters, visualize my book release, and be kind and forgiving of myself for needing a break or having other priorities.


    Let's stop for a second and talk about time.


    There is only now. There are is a series of nows.


    The past is compounded actions of nows. Everything that came before has built today.


    “Today is the oldest you've ever been, and the youngest you'll ever be again.”

    ― Eleanor Roosevelt


    All the steps we take towards our dreams build on each other, like investment banking.


    I want to share with you all I've learned and the actions you can take to change your life and finish your book.


    In an upcoming masterclass (my first masterclass of this kind, ever), I will teach you:

    • How to write during emotional lows
    • How to write with limited time/working a full-time job
    • How community support and working with mentors helps you stay accountable
    • How investing in yourself can trigger action
    • How to talk about your book with friends and family, so they understand your commitment
    • Misconceptions and tips for maintaining a balanced life... Like WTF does balance even mean? What does it look like? Maybe a little bit of feminist talk in here too, we'll see my mood.


    And it was all built on THREE questions - which I'll share with you.