• "Would I benefit even if I've already published my first book? Or my fifth?"
    • Yes! If you have not yet gotten to your first $1,000 in royalties than this is for you. Even if you have ten books out, this is right for you if you don't feel that traction yet. Even better - the updates I add as I grow my backlist will help you grow your marketing and readership.
  • "What if I already own one of the trainings or worksheets included?"
    • Email me with what you purchased and I'll send you a coupon that excludes what you already paid from the Author Bundle. 
  • "What if I'm not publishing for another year or more?"
    • The worksheets, masterclass on being busy, and the lessons learned are very valuable for unpublished authors. This is still for you! The only part that would not apply yet would be the review masterclass, but there will be new publishing mindset classes added to the course in the next few months. You can benefit from what is available now and get locked into the updates before the price increases (because it will).
  • "What if I want more than $1,000 in book royalties in one year?!"
    • Easy answer - apply the things I share (especially in my lessons article and busy AF masterclass) faster than I did! Feel into the energy of choosing yourself and your success, take every lesson that took other people a year and do it better. I encourage you to take what I share and apply it to your life in the ways only you can. Because honestly, that's what I plan to do this year!

The Author Bundle

  • For independent authors working up to their first $1,000 in royalties, purchase this bundle to gain access to...

    Writing and Mindset Resources like:

    • Masterclass: How to Write a Book When You are Busy AF

    • Worksheets: Happy Story Bible & Character Mindset Planner

    • Bonus: Fight Writers Block Training (not sold anywhere else)

    • Bonus: Chapter Planner Worksheet (not sold anywhere else)

    Strategy Resources:

    • Masterclass: How to Get Your First 25 Book Reviews

    • Exclusive Article: My Three Surprising Lessons From My First $1,000 in Royalties (not sold anywhere else)

    Includes Lifetime Access: Get each update to the bundle automatically, no matter the increase in price.