happy story bible

The Happy Story Bible

"The Happy Story Bible was exactly what I needed to transport me into my fictional world. The charts and prompts helped me keep the details organized

so I could focus on how to make the narrative the best it can be."

— Bruna Reis, author and founder

of the Pondering Writing Retreat


"It's one of the best worksheet resources I've come across to date." 

— PS Malcom, Author and

Founder of Paperback Kingdom

The Character Mindset Planner

"The Character Mindset  Planner lets you take a deep dive into what makes your characters tick. You'll find yourself answering necessary questions about their fears, memories, and ambitions, and how they weave into your plot. Rebecca has created a must-have tool for authors who want to take their characters to a believable level!" 

—  Kathleen Contine, Science Fiction Author

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