The World Creator's Journal

The first step in making your dreams a reality is understanding what you want and more importantly, why you want it.

It sounds simple - but if it were that easy, wouldn't you already have everything you want?

The World Creator's Journal helps you find clarity in your life's goals and writing journey, shedding the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

In this digital download you will learn how I came to write a book while...

  • Working full-time with a three-hour commute

  • Raising a one-year-old

  • And taking my husband to chemotherapy appointments

The only thing that held me back? Myself.

NOT TIME. As much as I hate to say it, time isn't a good excuse for not writing a book. I was unemployed for 13 months and did not finish my book. I finished my book during the BUSIEST time of my life, where I am away from home 55 hours a day and have at most an hour for myself.

I broke through that barrier. So can you.


Being busy was just an excuse.


Decide now that this is your time because NOW is all you have.

What's included in this 19 pg PDF:

  • Nine pages of journaling prompts

  • The ONE question that will have the most impact on your life (pg 16)

  • Insights into my journey and how these prompts helped me incite change in my life

  • Access to my invite-only Facebook group, the World Creator's Club

World Creator's Journal, Personal Development eBook


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