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Meet Rebecca K. Sampson

HI! I'm Rebecca K. Sampson.


I believe that driven multitalented women can live the life of their fullest potential when they learn what I call the B.E.T. Strategy, arming themselves with the mindset strategies few are willing to do.

The long version: For as long as I can remember, I knew I was meant for big things. Even when society started telling me to be realistic, my version of realism never matched that of my peers. I lost some of that when life got harder, but after years of traumatizing events like being unemployed for thirteen months, hiding my pregnancy to get a job, my husband’s battle with cancer, and a car accident that left me unable to physically do my passions for several months, I found my way back to the truth that I was meant for more and started changing my life and that of those around me as a result. What I learned I’ve summed up through my books and courses, recently with the B.E.T. Strategy taught in the B.E.T. On Yourself masterclass and my upcoming courses and ebooks. Trauma and difficult times can be a part of life, those times are important teachers and make you stronger for having experienced them, but I want you to learn this life-changing strategy without having that pain. ​ The mindset principles that come with on yourself are ones that many people are not willing to do because it takes time, is not one and done, and can be uncomfortable. But it’s all worth it when you get to live the life you’ve always known you were capable of. It's like being a mushy caterpillar in a cocoon and turning into a badass butterfly with a crazy pattern that scares away spiders. I am now the author of nine books by the end of 2023. My family life is thriving more than ever before and gets better every day. I reached the top of my social media career in ten years, going from social media intern to paid social director. I’ve just launched my personal development business that will help thousands of driven women like me bet on themselves and break their own barriers. And now I get to do that with you.

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Take the B.E.T. On Yourself Masterclass

Free for a limited time, take my masterclass to learn the B.E.T. Strategy that has helped me create confident certainty in my life so that I can take aligned action towards the goals and passions that move my life toward my potential.

As a fellow driven multitalented woman, I know you are ready to finally live and embody the version of you that has been waiting in the wings.

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Read Personal
Development Books

If the written word is how you prefer to learn, check out my self-help books at your favorite retailers.

Stronger Now tells the story of how I started to reframe pain into my unstoppable power during a difficult time using the Four Catalysts of Change. 

Repeat After Me is your affirmation toolbox, giving you the identity work you need in an on-demand format to support your journey to fulfill your potential.

Stronger Now personal development book
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