About Me

HI! I'm Rebecca K. Sampson. I'm a multipassionate woman that doesn't let self-doubt get in the way of trying something new. It started with a dream to write a book and became so much more. Now, I reach an audience of thousands of women that aspire to live life on their terms.


In these 30+ years, I feel like I've lived through a lifetime of change and pivots. At one point in my life, I was blogging daily (on a website no longer live) with beauty reviews, makeup tutorials, and working with brands like Physician's Formula and Disney. (PS I've since returned to blogging and I couldn't be more excited!)


That creative blogger beginning helped me get my first few jobs out of college, working for start-ups and an agency in organic social media before spending half a decade at a Fortune 150 company. Now, I'm a Paid Social Director, as well as my work here as an author, blogger, and lifestyle influencer. Every year, my life gets bigger and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My first novel, Ember Dragon Daughter, is available now on Amazon and Audible. It was just the beginning of something new for me.

My novels focus on themes like insurmountable change, responsibility, challenging your life and those around you, and more. Through strong female characters, inclusive characters, and fantastical worlds, I hope to make a difference and help readers take charge of their lives. 

My first nonfiction book, Stronger Now, is inspired by my life experiences, but especially what I learned in 2017 and 2018 as my husband went through cancer while we struggled to raise a toddler.

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My Unexpected Journey

*trigger warnings - This portion discusses cancer, mortality, and other related topics that might be sensitive to certain viewers

August 18, 2017 - This was the worst day of our family's life, when my husband was diagnosed with a rare cancer typically found in children.

Just a few days prior, I had finished the first draft of my novel. Then, after we got through testing and scheduled our first round of chemo, a hurricane struck our home and we were stuck inside darkness emotionally and physically. Having no AC and a growing tumor is traumatic.

For the next year my husband went through 11 cycles of chemotherapy, one 14-hour surgery, about 5 or 6 week-long hospital visits, and a seizure. These were not easy times, but in the end my husband was cancer free.

On the floor of the emergency room and on a chair in chemo, I sat with my husband. When he slept, I worked on Ember Dragon Daughter. By the time that year was over, I had hired a cover designer, editor, and completed five drafts of the novel and worked with beta readers. It was published July 19, 2019.

I had less time and more fear than ever before. Trying to keep my family afloat while also keeping my job and writing a book was the hardest thing I'd every done.


But I also knew, this was my moment. Life can change any second. What if Chris didn't have a good prognosis? What if he never read my book?


Those were things I had to think about, and I knew then and there that I would never drag my feet again.

Writing a book has nothing to do with available time. Some days I don't write at all, on good days I write for one or two hours. Yet, I was able to publish a book I am proud of. You can too.

If you want the quick start guide on how to get into the right mindset to publish a book, despite available time, my masterclass How to Write a Book When Busy AF is right for you. The "job" part can be anything, whatever is taking you time, even if it is commuting to chemo centers. This was one of the first masterclasses I ever created and it holds the backbone for how I changed my life.

My husband is safe now. And yes, he liked the book, thank goodness for that!

My heart is full 💘
More of this in 2018, thanks! #FamilyFir

The Books

"It's impossible to anticipate all the twists and turns, and the ending truly left me hungry for more."  -Review of Ember Dragon Daughter from Lea Falls, author of Goddess of Limbo

"Everything she’s overcome and now she’s using what she knows to help others. She’s very honest and it’s refreshing." - Review of Stronger Now from Natalie Roberts, author of Write Through Depression

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