The Happy Story Bible

your beginners guide to story development

The Happy Story Bible helps you address the following questions - Where do I begin? What is my world like? Who are my main characters?

👉 Already have these questions answered? Go to the next step, the Character Mindset Planner.

Story Development Worksheets


 "It's one of the best worksheet resources I've come across to date." 

—  PS Malcolm, Author and Founder of

Paperback Kingdom

Learn the basics of world building and character creation with the Happy Story Bible (HSB), available now!


If you are feeling stuck in your story and are unsure what you could be missing, the HSB will help you get you started (and excited to write) again. 

Plus, these charts help create the basics of your story binder. Keep all worksheets printed out in a binder near your writing station for easy reference.

What's Included:

  • Basic Character Development: Worksheets to discover the beginning of your characters and the impacts they have on plot

    • Character Chart - Step one in character creation, physical starting points.

    • Personality Facts - Second step to developing characters.

    • The Emotional Touchpoints - How do they react to various emotional triggers?

    • Character Meets Plot - How do their goals develop?

    • Family Chart - Who is who?

    • Protagonist vs Antagonist - Comparing goals

    • Character Routine - How does their life change by the end of the story?

    • Quick Glance Character Tracker - Easy tracking to make your writing experience better.

  • Worldbuilding: Prompts and tools for creating your world

    • Worldmap Tips

    • Location Chart

    • Set the Room

    • Geography, Climate, and Trade Questions

    • Political Structure Questions

    • Magic System Questions

    • History Lesson Chart

    • The Dictionary

  • Brainstorming Charts: Blank brainstorming templates you can print over and over for character and world discovery

    • Venn Diagram

    • Timeline #1

    • Timeline #2

    • Webbing Map #1

    • Webbing Map #2


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💡 What is the difference between the HSB and the new Character Mindset Planner?


The HSB has:

  • Three different categories with an overview on Characters, Worldbuilding, Brainstorming Charts (29 pages total). These sheets give you a good starting point for beginners.


The CMP has:

  • One category, Character Development, helping you to focus down on the biggest drivers of your plot. It has the introductory charts on Characters from the HSB, but reformatted and with additional pages to dive deep into your character's fears and motivations (18 pages). These sheets are for advanced character planning.



Story Development Worksheets


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