Pink Blossom

Available August 25

What if you could love, appreciate, and find joy in your life just as it is right now, while still working towards transforming it into the life of your dreams?

After her husband’s cancer diagnosis, Rebecca said enough was enough. From hopeless to unstoppable, you’ll read how she moved through fear and stopped letting circumstances tell her no. Not only did she finally meet her dream of publishing her fiction novels, but she also fostered a go-getter attitude that has taken her life and career beyond her imagination.

Author Rebecca K. Sampson

I write YA fantasy novels that help readers take on scenarios that can seem insurmountable like swift change, massive responsibility, and being different, through the backdrop of fantasy worlds and strong characters.

As a Mindset Coach, I help creative thinkers find their confidence and claim their power to share their own message through personal development.

The Fated Tales Series

Love is fated, but destiny? That's another story.

Read the bestselling debut fantasy series on Amazon and Audible, available now!

"Dragons. Mermaids. Intrigue. Deception. So many of my favorite things wrapped up into this beauty."

-Amazon reviewer

Learn: Mindset of a Goal-Achiever

How To Write a Book When You Are Busy AF

Find out the three step formula I used to accomplish my biggest goals (including writing and publishing a best selling book) while in a demanding job and going to the hospital weekly for my husband's chemotherapy. Did I mention I also had a one year old at the time?

(And no, this isn't an 'icky' formula. It's a mindset practice.)

Busy AF was an understatement. And yet, I met the goal. And no, it wasn't about constant hustle. Find out what it truly takes to make change in your life with this masterclass. Spoiler alert - this applies to all areas of your life, whether you want to write a book or not.

Masterclass length: 67 minutes

Monthly Membership

Do you feel like something is holding you back?

Join me and my patrons as we explore authorship, creativity, and dream life creation through the mind, using the Law of Attraction and personal development.

For a limited time! May - July 2020: Get access to my personal development book!

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