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Hi! I'm Rebecca. I am the author of seven (soon to be nine by EOY) books across three genres, a mother, and creative blogger who is fascinated learning about energy, manifestation, and personal development.


I believe that driven multitalented women can live the life of their fullest potential when they learn what I call the B.E.T. Strategy, arming themselves with the mindset strategies few are willing to do.

B.E.T. Strategy by Rebecca K. Sampson.png

Take the B.E.T. On Yourself Masterclass

Free for a limited time, take my masterclass to learn the B.E.T. Strategy that will teach you the mindset principles to grow trust in yourself, back your needs, and change your life to fit the standards you always knew should be yours.

As a fellow driven multitalented woman, I know you are ready to finally live and embody the version of you that has been waiting in the wings.

Repeat After Me

Zebras can't change their stripes. It's a good thing you are not a zebra.


Repeat After Me is your sassy guide to changing your life by honing in your identity through the power of affirmations. It's time to be the badass affirmation feminist you were meant to be.


If you want your personal development books to be prim and proper, have no curse words, and give shallow advice–this is not the book for you.If you want honest reflections, tried and true advice, and not-boring affirmations–you are in the right place.

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