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I Used to Hate This Part of Myself

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

I used to hate this about myself. I felt ashamed and guilty about how often I felt the need to pivot directions or cancel projects or just stop launches mid-way because I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I would push my gut feelings down and shame myself for not having a niche.

One of my goals the past few months has been to calm the fuck down about it and realize that I’m not that special. I am not “special” enough to be the one person in the world that never changes their mind. I realized that by hating that part in me, I was shutting out so much of my potential. I was subconsciously worried people would find me unreliable, not responsible, or think I’m a fraud because of all these shifts. Wow. That’s not something I want to think about myself anymore.

I am just like everyone else, an ever-evolving being. And in many ways, I evolve every day.

Part of this evolution is also making it easier for me to change my mind. So, the new website project is born. I call myself out and say all over my new design that I cover a lot of topics. I talk about being an author, but I also share that I blog about everything that’s important to me. I umbrellaed it all under being unstoppable - allowing myself to thrive and evolve as I want to while teaching others to do the same.

If you too are an ever-evolving being of infinite potential that changes their mind often, come on over to I have a new free download, covering 33 confidence affirmations, now as a popup on my desktop site homepage. Why 33? Because 3 is my favorite number and I’m turning 33 this August. #thesimplethings

I've also embedded the freebie in this form - so if you add your email it will send it straight to your inbox.

Free Download: 33 Confidence Affirmations

There are some things that are missing from my site, like my shop, as I’m currently finding out how to make that easier for myself too. If you want signed copies of my books (I still have a few available) - you can go directly to this link instead. There is also a tip jar, where you can tip me for my work whenever you feel called to. As more updates come, I’ll share them with you. Thank you for honoring the changing parts in you, by accepting also the changing parts in me.

What have you hated about yourself that you now love? First Image: Blooming Flower on Pexels


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