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About Our Masterclasses

When you buy a masterclass on, you learn about a topic in an hour or less at a lower investment point than a course, so you can start applying the material right away.

Learn: Mindset of a Goal-Achiever

How To Write a Book When You Are Busy AF

Find out the three step formula I used to accomplish my biggest goals (including writing and publishing a best selling book) while in a demanding job and going to the hospital weekly for my husband's chemotherapy. Did I mention I also had a one year old at the time?

(And no, this isn't an 'icky' formula. It's a mindset practice.)

Busy AF was an understatement. And yet, I met the goal. And no, it wasn't about constant hustle. Find out what it truly takes to make change in your life with this masterclass. Spoiler alert - this applies to all areas of your life, whether you want to write a book or not.

Masterclass length: 67 minutes

Learn: Author Business Strategies

How To Get Your First 25 Book Reviews

Previously only available in the Paperback Summit, learn how I created a 10% review ratio and got 25 book reviews on Amazon after 250 book sales.

As an author, these strategies to generate reviews make a dramatic difference in how customers perceive your books and help create impulse sales. And no, it isn't an intimidating process. These principles are outlined with clearly defined steps so that you can start generating reviews today.

Masterclass length: 30 minutes

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