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5 Journal Prompts for Authors

As World Creators, us authors and writers have some unique storage of facts and emotional complexities in our head. These five journal prompts for writers will help you decompress the dozens (if not hundreds) of ideas in your head and get you excited to create.

Author mindset journaling:

1. If any novel idea in your mind could immediately blink into existence as physical book in your mailbox, what idea would come to life? Describe its book blurb.

2. Imagine your favorite book. What about this book stands out to you? What elements of it would you want to incorporate into your next project?

3. When you imagine yourself in bed as an older woman, looking across your room at your bookshelf, how many of your own books are on the shelf? Describe their spines and the types of books you see.

4. You are at a book event and a fan approaches you, what do they say to you?

5. A character in one of your novels comes to life and you run into them at a grocery store. What is that interaction like?

There you have it, writing prompts to re-ignite your spark to create.

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