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You Are Not a Lump Sum - You Are a Person

It's easy to forget. Isn't that sad? But online, the focus moves quickly to numbers. To the vanity of a having over 10,000 followers so that Instagram says you have 10K instead of 9,239. It can be easy to bring together life, all of the lives you've talked to and engaged with, and think of them as a lump sum.

I never want to treat people as a lump sum.

But that's part of the game.

Maybe we shouldn't play?

What I love most about my life is that I get to share. I get to work. I get to spread a message. I get to write. I get to, get to, get to.

It is a privilege to have a voice that is even allowed to speak. Let alone, a voice that wants to create like ours does. I am grateful to have a mind that wants to write and talk about writing.

Social media is about using that voice to connect with others. That gets lost in translation.

I created a course to bring it back into focus. To share my true heart. To get vulnerable and messy. In this course I talk about how the "c word," cancer, was something I initially hid. I then share how it helped me gain the focus I need.

I know what it's like to curate perfect. The need to pretend life fits into pretty squares. But the thing is, we aren't in a box. We aren't contained. We aren't a one-size-fits-all formula.

And we shouldn't pretend anymore.

My online course about curating authentic connections is live now. It doesn't focus on algorithms or how to take flat lay photos. I teach how to understand your author goals, how to create a following that cares about you just as much as you care about them, and easy practices that are NOT about growth hacking.

Let's un-complicate this. It's about being vulnerable. This is a class for making connections.

Enroll now. Let's break about the perfect.

Social Media for Mindful Authors, the online course for authors, is open now.


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