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The Fated Tales Series

"Dragons. Mermaids. Intrigue. Deception. So many of my favorite things wrapped up into this beauty."

-Amazon reviewer

Love is fated, but destiny? That's another story.

TFTS features characters that have their strength tested and face insurmountable odds to save themselves, their loves, and kingdoms. You know, the usual for a teen.

Set on the backdrop of a fantasy world where the gods control love, lies reign the kingdoms of Ashkadance, Grydagia, and Faeintoo.

Available now on Amazon.

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The Fated Tales Series

Book 1:

Ember Dragon Daughter

Available Now

Ember has been hiding her whole life, but now she has to face the truth. Nothing was as it seemed and maybe that was a good thing, because now she can change her fate… and that of her kingdom.

"Needless to say, the ending blew my mind when it all came together, and I am totes stoked for the sequel." -Amazon reviewer

Available in eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

EDD Book 1

Book 1.5:

Hasley Fateless

Available Now

Hasley's journey as a Fateless will teach her that order isn't always the answer... that sometimes, rules are meant to be broken.

HF is set between the events of EDD, giving clues of what is to come in the series

Available in eBook. paperback, and audiobook.

HF Book 1.5

Book 2:

Ember Dragon Savior

More information to be revealed soon.

Tentative release date: Late 2021

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Book 2
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