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200 Reasons to Be Happy

In my quest to update and repost some of my favorite blog posts from my original (now deleted) blog, we have one of my favorite pieces of content, 200 Reasons to Be Happy.

Starting in my senior year o college, I would post ten reasons to be happy every week, until there was so many posts that it needed its own section on my website. It grew into something my readers were really excited about and that I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I've saved some of those old comments from my original blog at the bottom of this post.

A relaxed happy woman laying down in a field of flowers, impressionist painting.
Image created with Midjourney.

The goal of this series was to appreciate the little things that made life special, so that you could more easily find the bigger things that cause joy too. This content was written from the lens of my life, but I hope it inspires your day and helps you find the next thing for you to be happy about.

The original 100 Reasons to Be Happy:

Written from 2011-2012, re-edited with commentary on April 27, 2024.

  1. Cuddling with stuffed animals and my fiancé (Who is now my husband of almost ten years! How amazing to see this post has survived my archives for so long.)

  2. Sleeping during a rain storm

  3. Sharing my opinion and knowing it is valued

  4. Reading (Dear past Rebecca, you are now an author! 💞)

  5. The accomplishment of marathoning a season of a TV show

  6. Cute kittens

  7. Warm clothes from the dryer

  8. Harry Potter FanFiction (something I still enjoy over ten years later)

  9. Bacon

  10. Anything purple

  11. Achieving a long planned goal

  12. Getting a smile from a stranger that feels real

  13. A freshly made bed

  14. Warm socks on a cold day

  15. Cute cat videos

  16. New purse smell

  17. Receiving packages in the mail

  18. Leaving notes in books for strangers (I forgot I used to do this! I would love to do this again.)

  19. The smell of fresh-mowed grass

  20. New agendas

  21. Floral dresses

  22. An organized purse

  23. A fresh set of nails

  24. Red hair (Future Rebecca regrets this! Ha! It was lovely but the damage has been hard to recover from.)

  25. Fedoras

  26. De-knotting my hair (I'm finding it really funny that I wrote this. I don't find this fun now, but I do love doing hair treatments.)

  27. Finding an amazing sale

  28. Kids playing make-believe

  29. Hidden messages that you solve by yourself or in groups (If only past me know how much I loved Taylor Swift clues now. Clown crew!)

  30. Strawberry and banana smoothies

  31. Movie nights

  32. Twitter @replys (Ouch, that hurts. Bye Twitter.)

  33. Warm chocolate chip cookies

  34. Exercise on a stressful day

  35. Wearing a new outfit

  36. Theme parks

  37. New emails (I don't know why past me wrote this. I don't remember caring too much about emails, but preserving it here because of how odd it is.)

  38. Delicious beverages

  39. Time with nature

  40. New clothing

  41. Funny sayings on throw pillows

  42. Baby ducks

  43. French braids (Though I am horrible at them.)

  44. Picnics

  45. The feeling of warm ocean water

  46. Finally understanding a math problem after working on it for an hour…. >.< (Wow, past me. You are adorable.)

  47. Mr. & Mrs. matching objects

  48. Whip cream

  49. The flicker of candles in the dark

  50. Staycations

  51. Good hair days

  52. The first paycheck at a new job

  53. Looking at a newly cleaned room

  54. Playing with dogs

  55. Smores

  56. Wearing a brand new pair of shoes

  57. Making new friends in strange places

  58. Staring at my engagement ring and day dreaming… sigh… (Don't worry past me, you'll get married in three years.)

  59. Taking a shower (Now as a parent, sometimes the only way you can get a break is in a shower!)

  60. Reading comments on YouTube and this blog (Comments are less common on blogs now, so I'd add here getting Instagram comments and DMs)

  61. Glow in the dark ceiling stars (A classic)

  62. Getting a massage (Especially when part of my ClassPass benefits)

  63. Fuzzy slippers

  64. The first day of school (I miss the feeling of the first. Part of me still thinks about going back to school.)

  65. Studying in a quiet library

  66. Getting lost in a story

  67. Watching TV with my sister

  68. Passing notes in class

  69. “Steak night” at my Dad’s house

  70. Facebook Birthday wall posts

  71. Spending a few hours watching silly YouTube videos (Like cat videos!) (Past Rebecca listed cute videos and animals often in this list. I still love those things and spend way too much time with memes.)

  72. Clear skin days

  73. Finishing my to-do lists

  74. Switching purses (Can you tell how much I like to organize based on the items in this list?)

  75. Seeing a friend that you haven’t seen in months

  76. Going to Target (lol that didn't change)

  77. Taking the bus (Starring out the window listening to music and audiobooks, in particular.)

  78. Meeting subscribers (It is wild to me that even with such a small amount of subscribers, I still ran into people that knew me occasionally.)

  79. Learning something new and exciting

  80. My iPod touch (OMG throwback. Spotify didn't exist yet.)

  81. The Last Unicorn (my favorite childhood movie)

  82. Walt Disney (Who wouldn’t be happy for all the joy he has brought to children?)

  83. Plastic heels little children wear (So adorable!)

  84. Movie nights (As I'm editing this, I'm watching to Shrek. A classic!)

  85. Caesar salads

  86. Editing new videos (I'm no longer a YouTuber, but still love how satisfying that was)

  87. Selena Gomez’s song “Who Says”: Who says, who says you’re not perfect?Who says you’re not worth it?

  88. Silky pajamas

  89. Getting surprise checks in the mail for random reasons

  90. No Eczema rashes on my body since last year (I've kept this streak, now ten+ years in)

  91. No Eczema rashes on my face in almost two years (Did not keep this streak. When I'm stressed my face breaks out in rashes, but my multi-layered skincare routine helps keep it at bay as much it can be.)

  92. EVOO as a moisturizer is a life-saver

  93. Healthy sunscreen habits

  94. Having no correlation with chocolate and my acne

  95. Having less acne then last year

  96. Laying down in bed with fuzzy blankets and having nothing to do

  97. Natural blush from excitement

  98. Time at coffee shops by myself

  99. Liking what I see in the mirror!

  100. Most of all, I am happy to be me.

The series then expanded to different kinds of happy lists, featured below.

The next two sections were written in 2011, re-edited with commentary from me now. It's wonderful to see how much is the same and yet different.

Wonderful Things to Be Grateful For Today

  1. I am grateful to live in a world where I can follow my passions without fear.

  2. I am grateful to my family for always supporting me, even if they don’t always understand what I’m doing.

  3. I am grateful to have been able to grow up with the love of my life. I would not be where I am now without him. (For context, we met when I was 15.)

  4. I am grateful for my friend’s never ending patience in me. I know I don’t call as much as I should. (My list of friends has changed a lot over the years and now most of them are online. Still, so grateful for them - but now because I can find more people that have similar interests. I didn't have that growing up.)

  5. I am grateful for the “the giggles” (my sister’s adorable uncontrollable laughter). I see her and immediately feel joy. (Now, that gratitude for the giggles transfers to my son. He is definitely someone that gets the giggles.)

  6. I am grateful for my brother’s smiles and time. (He used to smile more when we were younger and I see him less now. Seeing this made me realize that. I'm still grateful, but this comment is now tinted a different color in my mind.)

  7. I am grateful for my ever expanding family. Those added through marriages, pregnancies, friendships, and my online subscribers. (Now, I can say, it grows with my readership. Over 30,000 people have downloaded my books now, a blessing I never imagined when I originally wrote this.)

  8. I am grateful for the people that have come and gone from my life. Thank you for the lessons we have learned together and the lessons we will now learn apart.

  9. I am grateful for the love I am given everyday. I am grateful to feel its warmth like sunshine.

  10. Most of all, I am grateful for all the obstacles that have been thrown my way. Without them, growth would not be possible. (Wow past Rebecca, some more crazy obstacles are on the way! Don't worry, you still believe in the spirit of this statement. You are a better person now because of what you learned in this hardships.)

10 Reasons to Love Today

  1. I love that it isn’t raining because that would have ruined my hair.

  2. Speaking of hair, I love that my hair looks cute and curly with minimal effort on my part. (That changes, but my hair is finally getting back to its health with bond repair treatments.)

  3. I loved eating a cookie for breakfast this morning.

  4. I love the floral sunglasses I wore today, who cares if it is technically fall. (I find it interesting that past me thought flowers could only be a spring thing when we have very little weather changes in Miami.)

  5. I love the Trident Vitality “vigorate” citrus gum I’m chewing right now. Yes! Thank goodness for no more braces! (Now I hate gum, so keeping this as a joke. Anyone else hate food and treats they used to love?)

  6. I love that Chris finds a way to complement me everyday, even when I look horrible. He swears I wake up surrounded by butterflies, I beg to differ. (My honey still says I wake up surrounded by butterflies, that cutie.)

  7. I love that I don’t have to do homework tonight. (Now instead I picked a career for myself that makes me want to work all the time!)

  8. I love the new found energy I feel because of this blog post.

  9. I love my job! (My job at the time was just school and YouTube, since I was on a scholarship that gave me more than enough and a monetized channel.)

  10. I love you for taking the time out of your day to read this. (Seriously, right now if you are reading this you are talking to me in 2011 and 2024, that's really cool. Thank you for being here.)

20 Subtle Things to Appreciate

Written March 19, 2015 (Glad i saved these exact dates, I wish I had for the others), re-edited with commentary April 28, 2024

  1. The way dogs wag their tails just because you smiled at them

  2. The feeling of new clothing on your skin

  3. The smell of fresh popped cinema popcorn

  4. The feel of squishy paperback books (or is that just me?) (Now you can squish paperbacks you wrote, cutie.)

  5. The beauty of great skin days

  6. The feeling of accomplishment you get when a home cooked meal turns out better than you expected

  7. The sweat of a satisfying workout and the rush of pride

  8. The happiness of discovering a new blog (I read so few blogs now, even though I've done this for over a decade. I'd love to find a few that make me feel like they used to in college.)

  9. The productivity a new desktop wallpaper brings

  10. The fun of non-junk snail mail (it’s so rare!)

  11. The peace that comes when staring at the moon (This is a new one I added in. I used to have a long commute where I would leave while it was still dark, from 2017-2020, and the moon made me so happy every morning.)

  12. The imagination of a child (Hi mermaids!)

  13. The nights spent cuddling and watching Netflix (I mention TV marathons a lot on these lists and I still love it, though no I mostly watch K-dramas while everyone is asleep haha.)

  14. The strange thoughts that pop into your mind while in the shower

  15. The appreciative feeling you get when someone takes your advice (Leaving this one, but find it really interesting. I thought about deleting it, but instead see it now as proof of my growth. It doesn't matter if anyone follows my advice. That's there on journey.)

  16. The sound of rustling dried leaves being picked up from the wind

  17. The delicious tingling of citrus fruits on your lips

  18. The way a lingering hug can calm down your heart beat on an anxious day

  19. The look of a full closet after laundry day

  20. The quiet yet loud feeling of being engrossed in a book (Wow I love this.)

Lemon impressionist painting
Image created with Midjourney.

60 Simple But Amazing Things to Enjoy

Written September 11, 2015, half re-written April 28, 2024 as many of this content was repetitive to the first 100 list.

  1. Crunchy ice cubes

  2. Anything holographic

  3. Free birthday gifts from stores you like

  4. Black and white cookies

  5. Ranting my feelings in my diary until I feel free of them

  6. Creating vision boards

  7. Characters you identify with

  8. Warm meals

  9. Funky patterned clothes

  10. Inside jokes that don't even make sense anymore

  11. Hot and sweet coffee

  12. Cold water

  13. Cabinets full of mugs

  14. Waiting to buy something you want and then when you do get it, there is a coupon (Score!)

  15. Song lyrics that speak to a very specific feeling you didn't know how to say before

  16. When a cat meows at you as if it expects you to understand them

  17. Small dogs that are like hot water bottle heaters under your blanket

  18. Setting new goals and feeling like they can happen

  19. Star gazing

  20. Someone doing a favor without hesitation

  21. The rainbow foam in the car wash

  22. The color copper

  23. Finally getting something I have been waiting a long time for

  24. Acceptance (Keeping this one here, but it's definitely not a "simple" thing past Rebecca!)

  25. Indulgences

  26. Kindness

  27. Praise

  28. Fluffy towels

  29. A full cabinet of clean dishes

  30. A messy and loved home

  31. New discoveries

  32. A buzzed night of celebrations

  33. Hand cream

  34. Sensual massages

  35. Going on a walk and getting deep into thought

  36. A notification that makes you smile

  37. Funny haikus

  38. Plants I can actually keep alive (so far, only aloe has survived and some snake plants)

  39. Thrilling conclusions to trilogies

  40. The X-Files TV show

  41. The sound of a carbonated can opening

  42. AC apps so you don't have to get up to adjust the temperature

  43. Golden hour

  44. The fact that the truth is out there (see 40)

  45. Pretty washi tape

  46. DIY projects that go well

  47. Learning a cool random fact you can pull out to add to any conversation

  48. Stickers on laptops that represent your personality

  49. Unlimited soup and salad at Olive Garden (Seriously, the best)

  50. Butterflies flying in front of you

  51. Productive days

  52. Baby’s breath

  53. Thinking about happy memories and getting happy again

  54. Fresh notebooks

  55. Filled notebooks

  56. An uncontrollable laugh over something silly, yet you can't stop it

  57. Saying something at the same time as someone else. Jinx, you owe me a soda!

  58. Nostalgia for old fashion trends

  59. The memory of the dial up internet sound

  60. The touch of warm glass heated from the sun, feeling it and knowing you are safe (A contribution from my husband that is perfect for this last spot.)

And there we have it, the 200 reasons to be happy that I started sharing in 2011 and has evolved for my blog now in 2024. I hope that it brings you comfort that this content lived on and that happiness can come in many forms.

Share what makes you happy in the comments below!

This article has been repurposed from my original blog after I changed website providers, so all previous comments and shares have been lost. If you liked this post, I'd appreciate if you shared it on Pinterest.

Comment archive from the original entries - read for even more reasons to be happy!


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