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How Does ClassPass Wellness Work? ClassPass Free Trial Review (Part Two)

Earlier in the year, I shared a review of the ClassPass one-month free trial they had for the New Year and shared that I wanted to try the wellness component of the subscription and how you can't try it while on the free trial.

For those still on the ClassPass free trial, I have created this guide to help you decide if you want to try the wellness experience as part of your paid membership once your trial is up. This is part two of my review, so read part one here.

What wellness experiences are on ClassPass?

It depends on the providers in your area, but in Miami, FL I have seen massages (hot stone, deep tissue, many other kinds), facials, manicures and pedicures, cryotherapy, reiki, IV services, and more. There is a lot of variety in their available wellness experiences.

How do you try wellness experiences during the ClassPass free trial?

You cannot, the wellness experiences are only for paid subscribers. You can see what wellness experiences are in your area and what their full price would be, but not what credits are needed until you upgrade your membership.

How many credits are wellness experiences?

During the free trail, I wasn't able to see how many credits each experience cost and I found that frustrating because they would have helped guide my decisions.

Now that I am subscribed, I see that wellness experiences are more than fitness classes. They range depending on the provider, but I'm see most wellness sessions are between 25-65 credits each. This may vary depending on your location.

Are wellness experiences worth it on ClassPass?

For the same reasons that I like booking fitness classes with ClassPass, I enjoy setting up wellness experiences too.

With ClassPass you don't have to call anyone to book an appointment, join any gym or other membership, and you often get discounts. It gives you one marketplace to search through for all experiences, rather than a lot of Googling and searching websites. You can find services, read reviews, and pick a timeslot a lot easier with ClassPass.

What I also like is that setting up wellness and fitness subscriptions through ClassPass instead gives me only two things to budget, the subscription fee and the tips I'll need for that month. It makes that planning a little easier than thinking about multiple transactions in my budgeting.

There are some months when I'm not in the mood to exercise in group classes and instead get massages with my membership.

How do you tip for ClassPass wellness subscriptions?

Tipping is not included in your subscription and will need to be in cash, unless your practitioner has Zelle or some other equivalent. It's good to plan for cash until you know the business.

Previously, finding out what to tip was a process, where you would see a generic message that said to check the practitioner's website to find out what the full price of the experience would have been and generate a 15-20% tip based on that. They thankfully changed that process.

Now, to figure out what to tip in ClassPass wellness, once you book the appointment and see it in your upcoming classes section on the app, there will be a little link that says How to Tip, shares what the full price is, and a recommendation. You no longer have to find the business's website and dig around.

What is ClassPass Concierge?

ClassPass Concierge expands the available offerings to ClassPass wellness users. There is no discount for concierge services, but you still get the benefit of not needing to pay multiple locations or search on Google for what you want.

ClassPass employees book local wellness experiences on your behalf by calling local businesses that aren't ClassPass members to set up your appointment for you.

Once you arrive at the business, you say your name and appointment time and are seen without any issue.

Do I recommend ClassPass?

Yes! I've been a member now for nearly five months and love that ClassPass makes choosing my health and self-care easier, by removing a lot of the barriers to entry and stress.

Read part one where I discuss the ClassPass free trail or join now to get started.

Links used are affiliate links and do provide me with benefits should you join.

Photo by Elina Fairytale


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