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My Fantasy Series Rebrand Release Date and Cover Announcements

I have happy news to share for those of you who have been following my fantasy series rebrand. The Fated Tales series has a new release date and a cover reveal date.

All three books in the series are available to preorder now with their new dates! Click each title to preorder.

I wanted to release book one and the companion novella on the same day because their stories complete each other. The story presented in Hasley Fatless is required reading for Kariana Dragon Queen, giving insight into the kingdoms we will visit in book two and giving closure to Hasley’s character and the experience of her story in book one.

The new rebranded covers for all three books will be coming on February 6th, 2023. Only one month and two weeks away!

The long-awaited special art edition of book one in hardcover will also be available on April 25th!

Sapphire Ink Press is presenting the cover reveal, so if you are a bookstagrammer - stay tuned to their website to sign up and share the rebrand.


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