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Vlog: Week in the Life of an Author with a Day Job

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

It has been a very busy few months with back-to-back book deadlines and work obligations. I thought it would be a lot of fun to take you along for the ride with a vlog of what this time of my life is like.

I released three books in April (totally obsessed with myself for doing that) - they are linked below. You'll love my books if you like paranormal romance or royalty fantasy stories with plot twists.

Mentioned in this Video (Affiliate links are used both here and on my blog)

Throughout the video I show a bit of my morning routine, how I balance my writing between busy work days, how much time I spend writing vs marketing my books, and more.


0:00 Intro

0:10 Morning Walk

0:33 Office Tour & Strategy

2:22 Book Strategy to Life Advice: Ask for the 'Yes' You Want

6:51 Packaging Signed Books & Recycling Clothes

8:40 A New Day

9:39 OOTD That Got Side Eye

10:01 Start with the Most Important Task

12:49 Family Day

13:07 Proof Copy of my Next Book

13:19 Writing Updates

14:46 "Work Work"

15:04 Marketing for Authors

15:52 My Obsession with Cover Variants

18:59 Health Goals

21:50 How Long I Spend Writing Every Month

What is it like being an author with a day job?

I truly love what I do as an author, creating works of fiction is how I express myself and I love the process of publishing my works. Having more than one job does make it more difficult to prioritize that work, but it's still worth doing and I like the stability my marketing job gives me.

Advice from my Author Life

1. Say the Yes you want to receive (timestamp 2:22)

I talk a bit about some life and work advice during the video about asking for the yes you want to receive and making it easier to get the yes. I try and do this in all areas of my life and assume that things will work out in my favor as much as possible. This helps with authorship too.

There is something so powerful about assuming my success is inevitable in everything that I do. It takes practice, but I'm glad to be implementing it more and more.

Always ask for the yes. don't present what you don't want to happen.

2. Do the task that is most important to you first (timestamp 10:01)

With so many competing obligations, it's vital to do what you need for your best life first. For me, that's prioritizing alone tˆme and writing before anything else. It doesn't work out every day, but I intentionally force this on days that I know I'll be giving a lot of myself to others.

On this particular Saturday, I wrote at Starbucks before going to two different events and doing the monthly billing.

Do you relate to anything I shared in this vlog? What kind of morning routine do you have and are you able to maintain it even when really busy?


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