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My WFH Rituals for Success: Manifesting Tips

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

As I now work from home full-time, I have made some updates to my routines to help me better symbolize when my work starts and ends. Setting up routines and habit stacks that are tied only to work helps keep my energy clear, which also improves how I manifest my goals in this new period of my life.

This is especially important to me because my home office is in my bedroom, in the walk-in closet that I've converted. I need to create feelings of abundance both for work and for the abundance I want in my home life, which is how these rituals for manifestation came to be.

One of my routines includes essential oils. In particular, the abundance blend from Young Living. This is one of my favorite oils for manifestation and rituals/routines like these.

Below is a write-up of my routine for manifesting success at work, including the above, with a focus on working from home. It's surprisingly simple, but effective.

Rituals to Manifest Abundance and Success at Work:

1. Always keep your office as clean as you need it. It does not have to be spotless (mine never is), but it should be functional to how you feel the most inspired. Set a practice of putting things in their spot throughout the day to maintain that balance. I like to check if anything needs to be put away when I enter the office and before lunch. How it Helps You Manifest: If your space creates a negative feeling whenever you look at it, that's going to breed more negativity in your work.

My current home office set up in my walk-in closet, or "cloffice"

2. Set a physical sense that ties into the mood you want to feel. Use all your senses. I always have soft blankets and jackets close by, music playlists ready, and I keep fake and real plants close, and a lot of colorful patterns. For smell, I turn on my abundance oil in my diffuser (check out this rainbow one) the second I get into my office and turn it off when I shut down for the day. How it Helps You Manifest: The more you associate a certain feeling with your work, the more your work embodies that feeling. If you feel luxurious in your home office, you'll get more opportunities for luxury at home.

3. Decide what matters to you most each day and for that week. Focus on this at the beginning of the day and check-in with progress again the next morning. Don't overburden your to-do list and make sure you are also creating space for delegating so that not all tasks are on your shoulders.

How it Helps You Manifest: Having clear goals that are as specific as you feel is necessary (some people need more specifics than others) will help you co-create with the universe. A muddy vision is harder to bring to life.

4. Celebrate your (and other people's) accomplishments. Don't let a single week go by without you stopping to reflect on a job well done. Do the same for other people in your team. How it Helps You Manifest: The more you celebrate, the more you find to feel joy in. This brings your vibe up, respects yourself and others, and builds team relationships.

Isn't that easy? Often people think manifestation and law of attraction principles are complicated, but at the core, it's about bringing in good feelings more often. These effective practices will help bring more abundance and success in your work-from-home practice.

Let this simple idea be effective in your life. How are you going to put this into practice?

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