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Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes and Setting Empowering Expectations

Hello Kind Friends, today I'm sharing a reframe that has helped me focus on what I can control vs not, as well as a peanut butter protein microwave pancake recipe.

Let's start with the recipe and then we'll move on to the advice.

This recipe is inspired by _emilysworld and her video below:

My version of the recipe:

  • Mix one serving of vanilla protein powder with half a serving of powder pancake milk. Add milk or water according to your pancake milk box instructions.

  • Microwave for 2-3 minutes, depending on your microwave and the thickness of your container. I'm using a glass microwave-safe dish. If you don't have one, you can grab this one on Amazon.

  • Top with peanut butter as if it were a cake!

  • Cut and serve! You can add syrup if you'd like, but it tastes great on it's own.

The texture of the pancake is different than if you bake them the usual way on a stove-top. It tastes like a denser pancake this way and it's a quick option for picky eaters.

Now, onto the topic today and how it relates to this pancake recipe.

Do you ever feel like certain circumstances in your life are out of your control? I certainly have. Comment below or on my Instagram reel if you have felt that before.

One mindset that I follow is my BEST formula, where BEST is an acronym (more on this later).

E, what we are talking about here, is for Expectations. If I feel out of control, I've found that my expectations (and the evidence I used to set these expectations) are not suiting me.

For example, my son is a picky eater and it feels like it’s just getting worse. Yesterday he refused every food item in the house and rather than getting angry or feeling like I was in a tornado spinning out of control - I found something else to expect. Rather than thinking, "he is a picky eater, he says no to everything" I then thought "he is a picky eater and this is just one of the days where I need to get creative.”

I had evidence that if I was creative with food, like adding sprinkles on top of an item he said no to before, he was more likely to say yes. I had more evidence that he'd say no to everything, yet there was still hope to believe the more empowering thought.

So I made the peanut butter protein microwave pancakes, shown above.

The expectation was I needed to be creative, rather than an expectation that nothing would work. Being creative put me in control and I built evidence to try this again because the pancake was a success that this expectation was accurate.

Now it will be easier for me to believe that I can find food my son will eat, because I'm growing my evidence that it'll all work out.

Here is a reel of me discussing this idea:

Shown in the reel are two beach cover ups I was trying out, as I'm prepping for our upcoming vacation. The white cover up bottom is from Shade & Shore at Target ($25), the black mesh top cover up is from Wild Fable at Target was $18.

Did you find this way to reframe thoughts helpful? Are you going to try the recipe?

I'll share more about BEST in the coming weeks, so enjoy this preview of the formula.

Image created with Midjourney - because I cannot take aesthetic pics. See video for how it looks in my bowl!


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