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Why I'm Unpublishing my Fantasy Novels and Starting Over

My debut young adult fantasy novels, Ember Dragon Daughter and Hasley Fateless, are unpublishing on November 30th, 2022. After that date, I will be re-releasing them in Spring 2023 under a pen name, R. K. Sampson. Why?

There are three main reasons why I am going through the effort to make this change.

  1. Algorithms/SEO/Marketing: I write in multiple genres and I expect to expand my work. I currently write in personal development, fantasy, and paranormal romance. Those genres, in an algorithm, don't often work together or have the same audiences. By separating those books into multiple pen names and social media accounts, search engines better know how to find my readers.

  2. Defined Brands: I cover a wide range of topics on social media, where my personal development work often ties into my opinions and personal life, when I talk about fantasy and my stories - it doesn't quite fit. I want to focus on different presences and feelings in social media rather than mushing it all together.

  3. New Energy: I want to give my fantasy books a better chance to shine, with new covers, fresh reviews and readers, and a closer publication date between books. Starting over gives me that fresh energy and start to do things properly with all I've learned.

For those readers that are collectors and want to make sure you have the original versions of the books before they are released, there is one week left to purchase Ember and Hasley. After that, the new versions will have redesigned interior and cover. These updates won't be released until Spring 2023.

I've enjoyed so much the start of my author career and am grateful for the opportunity to hone it in now to a more defined point with the experience and skill I have gained. The readership and support I've had is something I'll never forget. Ember means so much to me, and now it's time for her story to find new people.


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