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Behind the Scenes: The Powerful Woman Course Ep 1

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

What does it mean to be powerful? How do women claim their power? What is holding us back from being our true selves?

I'm excited to be documenting the creation of my signature course, The Powerful Woman. It's coming this October and I'm sharing online my steps to creating this transformative course.

There have been many different phases of Rebecca, each year stepping further and further into my power and who I was born to be but forgot along the way. The pandemic has changed the world, how we work, what we value, our safety, and many people's life directions. Through this past year, I've come face to face with my younger self and what scared her. I've better understood where I was holding back. I've gotten better at asking myself questions too and giving myself honest answers.

Stepping into The Powerful Woman I embody now took a lot of awareness. My goal is to give you that awareness so that you can become your own powerful self. Whatever that means to you.

This is not a cookie-cutter copy&paste course where I tell you to dress a certain way, talk a certain way, use certain language to get a point across, etc. I am not trying to turn you into a model of a person that is "successful."

I aim to help you uncover the truth of yourself, the power you already hold, and how you can work towards what your dream life in an expansive way rather than a lack mindset.

Because you deserve to have what you want. You are worthy of the life you desire.

I announced the project on Instagram earlier this week and already have a sneak peek to share with you. Once the course started moving, I couldn't stop myself.

I've started working on Module 1: The Unstoppable Recipe.

Here is what we're covering so far*

  1. What is a powerful woman? What does it mean to be powerful? What is power not?

  2. About me: How I went from powerless to powerful

  3. What society tells us power is and why they are (mostly) wrong. How society limits a women's view of power and internalized misogyny.

  4. Power triggers, what jealousy means, and how to re-align our power.

  5. The Unstoppable Recipe - your steps to becoming unstoppable

*Content is still being built and may be subject to change

After outlining the first module, I shared a fun reel to celebrate. I feel like we may use Josie and the Pussy Cats for all The Powerful Woman reels. It was too much fun.

And now here we are. I'll keep working on the training for module one this weekend and start updating my website to the new vision and vibe. I love website work, but it is a little tedious.

Do you have a task you enjoy doing, but takes a lot of time?

Do you have any feedback or questions about the course? Let me know in my DMs. Since we are building this course each week, your feedback will directly impact what I add in to the course.

Join The Powerful Woman waitlist for more updates as the course is created and an exclusive pre-sale discount.


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