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Affirmations for Cultivating Friendship and Support

Like many people, there are times where I feel loneliness or a search for more. I am currently in that state for community and friendships and have put together this list of affirmations to help guide others seeking the same.

This one is for you, World Creator. Read it aloud, with your hand on your heart. If you feel awkward saying words of affirmation out loud, it may be a sign there may be some related limiting beliefs. Don't let expectation or fear of judgment get in the way of treating yourself with love and respect.

Repeat after me:

1. I am choosing to believe I am worthy of love and friendship.

2. I choose to believe that it is easy for me to connect with people.

3. I am grateful for my circle of friends.

4. I am happy for my new connections.

5. I am full of love and light to share with those around me.

6. Being around people energizes me because I found the right people to be around.

7. It is easy for me to speak about my interests.

8. The conversations I have with my friends light me up.

9. I have deep connections that I treasure.

10. Everyone around me is aligned with similar dreams and interests.

11. I am worthy, just as I am.

12. I have found a friend group that loves what I love.

13. I am free of relationships that don’t serve me.

14. I am only available for love.

15. I love collaborating with my friends on new ideas.

16. I feel free to express myself.

17. It is my divine right to feel supported and to support others.

18. I am with a group of people that love to speak about ideas and take action on their goals, just like me.

19. I choose to believe that these people will come into my life at the right time and those that are not right for me will fall away.

20. My friends now and friends in my past both look at our time together with love, for I love and cherish all who have come to me on this journey.

And so it is and forever will be.

If you are a creative looking for more, I invite you to download my affirmations for authors.

Remember you are loved,



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