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Mantra by Mantraband (Mandala Affirmation Collection Review)

In this review, I will share details behind my latest purchase - a mandala necklace from Mantraband. Was it worth the cost? Does it feel like high quality? I'll answer that in this blog post.

If you are following my life on Instagram, you may know I am currently working through some past traumas. I am typically open about what I am experiencing, so after I get more information on what is happening I'll talk more about it. In sum, there are some health concerns that are out of my control and I have been seeking additional tools and inspiration while I learn more and make some decisions. That may sound ominous as an introduction to this product review, but the purpose is to show the emotion that fueled this purchase.

I share referral links in this post. If you use my link, you and I both receive $5 off our next order on Mantraband.

Mantraband is a company I've admired for some time. I currently have two bracelets from this company, one that says "nevertheless, she persisted" and a custom bracelet for my book launch that says "her destiny was her own."

As I'm currently working through these health concerns, I wanted a guiding mantra to help me feel grounded and safe in my body.

In comes Mantraband with their new Mandala collection. Each hand-drawn mandala pendant is inscribed with an affirmation. The mandala embodies this affirmation and is created with 18K gold-dipped sterling silver and made to last a lifetime. It's a high-quality charm and chain with a solid weight.

(Note - In the picture of the necklace above, the longer chain is what came with the necklace. I swapped the charm to a shorter necklace for a layered look.)

I chose the affirmation "I am supported and protected" from their gold collection to wear daily. It also comes in silver.

There are many affirmations to choose from, like:

  • I am enough.

  • I am worthy.

  • I am becoming.

  • I am strong and powerful.

  • and more!

Each Mantra necklace by Mantraband costs $88 at the time of this article, but you can get $5 off with my referral link. If you purchase and get the discount, let me know so we can celebrate together! When you use the $5 off, I also get a credit to use at their store. Maybe we'll end up matching.

I don't often buy new clothing or fashion items, as I prefer thrifting, so this purchase was thought on long before the purchase. It's important to me to be intentional with what I support. Now that I've had the necklace for a week, I can safely say I made the right choice. Feeling safe and protected is an experience I want to cultivate and this mandala affirmation necklace does just that.

Mantraband has great offers over email and SMS, so make sure to sign up while you are there to get further discounts.

The packaging for the necklace was pink velvet and included a small motivational pamphlet, so it was a treat to open.

Whether you are looking for a gorgeous mandala necklace or, like me, want to feel more grounded in a particular affirmation (I've found myself holding onto my necklace whenever I need the reminder), this necklace is an investment I recommend.

Remember, you are unstoppable!


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