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Eucalyptus Farms Subscription Review

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Would you sign up for a monthly subscription of eucalyptus every month? When I heard about this idea, I just had to jump on. If this sounds like you, I have a coupon as well for $5 off at the end of this blog post. Read this honest review of the Eucalyptus Farms eucalyptus subscription box for more information on my initial impressions, their pros and cons, and whether I plan to stay subscribed.

What is Eucalyptus Farms?

Eucalyptus Farms is a monthly subscription for eucalyptus bundles. In some of the marketing, it is often shown as an aromatherapy or relaxation option for your shower or as a cute farm-style decor item.

I was most interested in the aromatherapy idea and how luxurious it would be to have eucalyptus in my shower.

My Thoughts After Two Months: Will I Stay Subscribed?

I'm glad I've tried this subscription and I will stay subscribed for at least six months before I re-evaluate, as want to build up my foilage collection in my house.

If you want it purely for the aromatherapy value, I would not recommend it. I do have an aromatherapy hack you can use, however. I'll share that at the end of the blog post.

I'm currently using both of my bundles in my bathroom. In the pictures shared here, I'm showing the bundle with one month only so you get an idea of the fullness.

If you like the look of eucalyptus and want to use it for decorating - give it a try! More details on why are in the pros and cons list.

Pros and Cons of a Eucalyptus Farms Subscription


  • Having flowers and foilage delivered to your house every month is an easy self-care ritual.

  • Dried eucalyptus is a lasting decor item and looks just as pretty as fresh eucalyptus. The longer you are subscribed, the fuller your dried eucalyptus display can be. It looks very cute in my home.

  • There are opportunities throughout the year to add a one-time extra cost to get additional foliage. I just upgraded to get pussy willows delivered and their Instagram shows examples of lavender and wheat as well. (This is for current subscribers only and you can't subscribe for these, it's a one-time purchase.)

  • There is no excess plastic in the box, so less plastic waste than buying flowers at the store.

  • You can skip or gift any month easily.

Cons/Opportunities for Improvement:

  • While it does have a subtle fragrance, the eucalyptus scent isn't as strong as I expected. I haven't owned much eucalyptus before, so it's possible my expectations weren't accurate, but I thought it would be more fragrant when used in the shower.

  • Shipping is on top of the subscription cost, adding $7 a month. I think $12 is great for the amount of product in the shipment, but when I think about it at $19 I liked it less in comparison to store-bought. It didn't deter me from subscribing, but it is a factor I'd consider. I think it would be great to give free or discounted shipping for people that subscribe for more than one month at a time (like with a 6 month or one-year subscription) to encourage upsells.

  • There were fewer sprigs of eucalyptus than I expected in the subscription. Each subscription has 7-8 eucalyptus stems and also includes additional filler leaves. It's still beautiful, but not what I expected from Instagram photos. The website does not specify how much comes in each box.

  • They don't answer Instagram comments very often. They have a large account, but the amount of comments is not unmanageable, it's maybe a few comments per post, so I expect that as part of customer service.

Note: Eucalyptus is dangerous to pets. My pets do not touch or care to touch eucalyptus or my other plants, but keep this in mind if you have curious animals.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils Hack

Since the individual eucalyptus sprigs did not give off as much of an aromatherapy scent during my showers as expected, I started using the dried sprigs as an all-natural diffuser.

  1. Hang your dried eucalyptus in on your shower head, close enough to feel the heat of your water.

  2. Before you step into the shower, grab a eucalyptus oil (or another preferred scent)from a trustworthy brand. I currently use and represent Young Living and recommend their Eucalyptus Radiata.

  3. Add three to five drops of Eucalyptus Radiata to your dried eucalyptus.

  4. Shower as you normally would, inhaling the scents.

The dried eucalyptus will hold the oils and the steam will help the scent "move" through the shower.

Overall Thoughts

I love the convenience of subscriptions and will likely stay with this one for a few months. While there are areas for improvement, it is not ab ad product and helps me decorate my home naturally.

I'm excited to get in my add-on shipment of pussy willow and hope that while I'm subscribed, the lavender and wheat option shows up as well. I'd love to have that in my home!

If you want to try out a Eucalyptus Farms subscription, you can get $5 off using this link.

Would you want to try a subscription like this? Let me know what you think.

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*Links used in this post are affiliate links First photo: Eucalyptus Heart Leaf on Pexels

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