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Wipe Your Butt Without Hurting the Environment | 🌎 Swap Series #1

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

We've fucked up, haven't we?

With our recent 'code red for humanity' there are some startling facts that should make us feel scared:

  • The past five years have held the hottest temperatures recorded since 1850

  • Temperatures have risen faster in the last 50 years than in the last 2,000

  • It's going to get hotter, with more drought and increasing sea levels

  • Increased extreme weather events and deaths due to these events

With the link to deforestation and infectious diseases to consider, conditions like current events could increase if we don't change these environmental stressors.

Deforestation, water misuse, greenhouse gas emissions, and more are weighing heavily on the minds of researchers.

We can ignore the problem (again), be crippled by fear, or have a healthy dose of fear mixed with action.

I choose action.

The last few years, I've made a few swaps in my life with the environment in mind. I've increased those switches the past few weeks to better commit to helping our world.

I'll be sharing the swaps here on the blog, so you too can make progress towards a less scary world for the next generations. Keep tabs on this page for further updates!

Swap Series #1: Make a Difference with your Toilet Paper

First up, your toilet paper is contributing to habitat loss. Messing with habitats spreads diseases into our population and ruins the balance of delicate ecosystems.

Swapping something as simple as toilet paper can make a difference in the environment.

  • 15% of deforestation is due to toilet paper production

  • Production of one TP roll takes 37 gallons of water

How can we fix it?

👀 Stop wiping your ass with store-bought toilet paper.

[Disclaimer: Links in this post contain referral and affiliate links. If you purchase using a link in this post, I will get a commission and/or points for free products. This does not sway my opinion.]

In comes Tushy toilet paper, made from bamboo and shipped directly to your home every month.

I've used Tushy toilet paper for nine months and it was a painless switch. In fact, once I didn't time my shipment correctly and had to buy a roll from the store. I hated it. My ass no longer likes store-bought paper.

What makes Tushy bamboo toilet paper special?

With bamboo toilet paper growing 39 inches a day and other trees taking a decade or more, the sustainability of bamboo toilet paper is no question.

It also takes 30% less water to produce bamboo toilet paper than traditional TP. Tushy describes that: One roll of our Bamboo TP takes 0.59 gallons of water. One roll of conventional TP takes 37 gallons of water!

Tushy also donates portions of its profits to improve sanitation around the world. Learn more on their about page. I love products that give back and when choosing between two similar options, I will always choose the brand that has a stronger message.

Tushy Toilet Paper Review

Bamboo toilet paper from Tushy is softer and thicker than the cheaper brands I was buying at Target and the grocery store.

I have not missed store-bought toilet paper. I use rolls slower because of Tushy's thickness.

I use the toilet paper in combination with their bidet. Tushy's recommendation is to pat dry with a towel, but I preferred to use the toilet paper as a disposable option.

Each roll comes wrapped in cute toilet paper with jokes or facts. Tushy's branding is friendly and frank, I love it. I recommend checking out their FAQ if you have a few spare minutes to learn how they approach different hygiene topics.

I just bought their peach pin with my rewards points. It's adorable. You get rewards points for each purchase and money off your purchases for your referral.

If you use my referral link, you get $10 off your purchase at

What is the cost of an eco-friendly toilet paper subscription?

I currently pay $24.99 for eight toilet paper rolls, bimonthly. At the time of this writing, it appears they only have the option to purchase 36 rolls for $59 (or $69 without a subscription). You can extend your subscription to up to every four months, so it's customizable to your family size and needs.

If you use 36 rolls in four months, that is $0.49 a day.

You can alter how often you get the TP sent to you and skip a shipment easily when they text you a reminder of the upcoming charge.

If you love getting cashback with your purchases, pair your purchase with Rakuten. When you use Rakuten links, they pay you back a portion of your purchase. It's like having everything on sale. Tushy is currently listed as 2% cashback. Trust me, it adds up fast.

Not a member of Rakuten? Join here and get $30 for joining after making your first purchase at Tushy.

What eco-friendly swaps are you making?

If I can help the world by going to the bathroom, something we all do, then that is a big win for the planet.

Swap your conventional toilet paper with bamboo and help the environment by wiping your butt.

(This is probably the most interesting sentence I've ever typed)

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