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The One Change that Improved My Confidence

I noticed something interesting on my last trip to Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure...🧐

(Cute Family pics coming soon, don’t worry. Jack had a great time! 💗)

As I was getting ready every day I actually liked how I looked. This is shocking for me. Going on vacation, up until now, has always been a body image trigger for me.

When on vacation, I see new people I wouldn't otherwise be exposed to living in a suburb of Miami-Dade. Many people see Miami as this high-action place, but I'm a homebody, so I'm not often out in large crowds even before recent events.

When I see these crowds of people, I would perceive them as cooler than me, more fashionable than me, and even hotter than me. Every vacation, without fail, I'd regret every clothing item I bring and feel ugly as I walk around.

Except for this weekend. This weekend, for the first time, I loved every outfit. I felt confident. I complimented people with cool looks without seeing it as a reflection against me. I showed up on Instagram stories and showed my #ootd without worrying about what other people thought of it. I purely celebrated that I loved what I was wearing.

What changed from my last trip to this one?

Arguably, I wore fake hair and have a teeny tiny bit more fashion sense. I have better skincare, haircare, and makeup. But did that make me more confident?


I was doing all those things six months ago and yet I wouldn't have felt confident in my skin as I did now.

It was me. I am different. I believed in myself on this trip. I doubted myself less. I see myself as worthy of being noticed and worthy of recognition.

I’m not scared to be seen because I love who I am. If I love who I am, why would what other people think of me matter?

What does someone else’s judgment of you mean about who you are? Nothing. Not a thing.

💯 % of my confidence problems are not solved. Heck no. But the difference is when I stop and catch myself thinking less of myself, or feeding judgment towards myself, I can stop and ask myself why.

And when I answer, I listen and feel what comes up.

Then, I decide if I want to feel that limitation anymore. If it’s not a limit I want to keep, why fight to feel it anymore?

What areas do you feel like you are scared to be judged? What about those areas do you not support in yourself?

It was such a surprise how silently loving yourself can bubble up, until there is no other way to be.

How I started seeing things differently...

I’m a proud affiliate of Amara Luciano's new course, Doubt Me Not. If you’d like to see how you too can lean into your power and shed what is no longer serving you - I’d recommend this course from Amara.

I've been working with Amara in her mastermind since November 2020 and can say that the way that we work together has helped me unlock the missing pieces I needed to feel good loving myself.

Is it just me, or are we all tired of self-deprecating humor being #relatable?

Join me in Doubt Me Not, enrollment is open.

It isn't shameful to want to love yourself.


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