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My Return to YouTube

After four years, I've started posting on YouTube again. I never thought I'd say that because YouTube, until recently, felt like a part of my life that would stay in the past.

But something about the last few weeks has called me back to the platform. I posted my first video yesterday and was so happy to get in multiple comments right away from my subscribers, saying they had been thinking about me recently. Looks like we manifested each other!

You can watch the video here:

I first started YouTube in 2010 as a beauty guru and ended up talking about books and writing at the end of 2018.

Topics I feel called to cover now, four years later, are based around personal development and my life. But that being said, I don't plan to add a lot of pressure to my new YouTube experience. I plan to post around once a month to start, starting next month with a tour of my new Notion template that will accompany purchases of The Manifestation Planner. This update isn't available yet, but it should be in about a month!

If there is one lesson I want to impart is that there is never a completely closed door. It's important to be open to new and old opportunities coming back into our lives. Sometimes we were where we were supposed to be, just at the wrong time.

It's never too late to begin again.


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