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Notion for ADHD - Productivity Hacks

I love getting things done, but my brain needs to approach tasks in its own way, rather than a simple to-do list.

I started using Notion three months ago as an alternative to paper planning and I quickly became obsessed. It is my second brain and helps me stay focused while I’m working on tasks. Notion is the perfect productivity hack for ADD and ADHD.

The four main ways I use Notion are:

  1. Daily journaling and my manifestation journal process (new video to come soon on that)

  2. Task and project management (what we will go into here)

  3. Day dreaming

  4. Time tracking (future video, briefly shown here)

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As someone with ADHD that is also a Manifesting Generator in Human Design, I set up my task and project management systems to encourage progress over perfection and to highlight what makes me happy.

What I don’t do when planning/living with ADHD:

  • I don’t discourage any hyper-fixations, because you can get a lot done when your brain decides to fixate.

  • I do not shame myself for doing things last minute. All that matters is that the task is done.

In my latest YouTube video, I go through how I do this.

Video Chapter Markers:

  • 00:00 - 01:03 - Intro and why I switched to digital planning

  • 01:04 - 01:51 - How to use dark mode in Notion

  • 01:51 - 02:40 - Future templates

  • 02:41 - 03:57 - Toxic productivity and ADD

  • 03:58 - 06:42 - My Notion dashboard

  • 06:43 - 08:41 - Notion for ADD Overview

  • 08:42 - 10:34 - Braindump by category and to-do "inbox" process

  • 10:35 - 11:54 - "Ghosting" my tasks

  • 11:55 - 13:40 - Archive process and synching blocks automatically

  • 13:41 - 15:20 - How to archive to-dos helps you feel successful

  • 15:21 - 16:04 - Lowering overwhelm in a daily/weekly view

  • 16:05 - 16:20 - Dates to remember view

  • 16:21 - 17:35 - Affirmations in Notion

  • 17:36 - 18:15 - Where to learn more about affirmations

  • 18:16 - 19:13 - Summary of Notion ADD system

  • 19:14 - 19:50 - Ditching shame in procrastination

  • 19:51 - 23:06 - Sneak peek on my time tracking system in Notion

Notion is a lifesaver in the digital planning space. Try Notion here if you also have ADD, ADHD, or are a Manifesting Generator and have to live in your happy.

Notion is a completely customizable platform, so I love making it pretty, but I've also made it functional for my brain by creating multiple layers that are synced.

My dashboard is organized into "islands" depending on where I want to play.

My "brainwave" productivity station is organized by:

  • Section 1: A reminders and quick links section

  • Section 2: Organized to see areas of my life in a big picture

  • Section 3: Where I zero in only on a few tasks by day

  • Section 4: Last one that shows me only committed dates where I am required to attend somewhere

With each section talking through synced blocks, I can add to my to-do list from my daily journal as well as archive items while in individual project-based lists.

I also show in the video a sneak peek at how I track my time and sprint blocks and charts I have connected to it, but if requested I'll do a separate video on how those work.

A big key in making productivity habits work for me is releasing any shame associated with not doing something, doing it at a certain time, or how long it takes me to complete a task. If I make progress and it is done when it is needed, that is all that matters.

Repeat After Me: My brain knows what it is doing.

Also featured in this video is my affirmations book! Seen here, Repeat After Me: How to Change Your Life in Affirmations or Less.

Progress ALWAYS over perfection. Keep going! Don't shame your brain for what it naturally does and you'll find you get a lot more done with joy.

I am a Notion affiliate and subscribing to Notion gives me a commission. This does not change the fact that I use Notion daily and have for months. Let me know what you think of the platform

So, what do you think? Are you ready to embrace how your brain works and customize a layout for your to-dos in Notion?



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