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The Celebrity Errands Look

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

When I'm not in my corporate America clothes, I'm likely dressed like an incognito celebrity. It's a style that works, is easy to pair, and very comfortable.

Let's break down the essential elements of the outfit.

  1. Choose your fit. Do you want form fitting, half oversized, all oversized, or a combination with a cropped shirt?

  2. Pick your neutral. Going monochromatic is common with this look. All black, all grey, or browns and nudes.

  3. Limit logos. Go completely logo-less or have one statement logo.

  4. Dress up or down. Do you want to look like you could attend a meeting afterward or is it simply a casual day? Add a blazer on top like Katie Holmes or dressy boots to take the outfit somewhere else.

  5. Optional: Hat and sunglasses

What's great about this outfit is you never have to think about it. It's a formula and can be picked from your closet without much thought. It also doesn't have to cost much, unlike the luxury sweatpants our favorite celebs wear.

My sweatshirt is from Goodwill, scalloped flats from ThredUp (my favorite online thrift store, get $10 off your purchase with my link), my sweatpants were $20 at Target, plain blue hat from CVS.

What easy looks have become your "uniform?"

For me, when I'm late for work I always wear black leggings and a black oversized sweater with sneakers. Can't go wrong!


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