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How to Change Your Life Through Purposeful Reinvention

Many people love the idea of reinventing themselves. There is a reason that New Year, New Me is popular during New Year's Resolutions season! It's a chance to start fresh, feeling the hope that you can become a new and improved version of yourself. But what often goes unexplored are the reasons behind why you want to reinvent yourself in the first place.

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Healing and expanding is where the magic happens. If it is ignored, you end up just as unhappy, but wearing a new outfit instead of having a new perspective on life.

When you decide to reinvent yourself, it ultimately comes down to two core motivations: to hide, or to free yourself.

But not in the way you may expect.

Hiding doesn't necessarily mean becoming more quiet or reserved. You can hide by being loud and focusing on fitting in. You can free yourself by embracing stillness and solitude too.

The key is that reinvention should be purposeful. If you need a period of hiding and self-reflection, be aware of that so you don't veer off course and reinvent yourself for the wrong reasons.

If you're unsure about why you want to take on a new identity, here are some journal prompts to help gain clarity:

  1. What "I am" statements would I use to describe my life right now? How do I feel when I say those affirmations out loud?

  2. What "I am" statements do I want to define me? What is it about embodying those statements that appeals to me?

  3. Do I know anyone who already embodies these desired qualities? What do I admire about them?

  4. What current habits of mine already align with my desired identity? How can I do more of those things?

  5. Am I seeking to embody these new statements because I feel these kinds of people are inherently better than who I am now? Why?

  6. What would it mean about me if I never embodied these traits?

  7. What evidence do I see in my life that I'm already part of the lifestyle I'm seeking?

To elaborate on that last point - let's say your goal is to become more active. Look for proof that you already have a foundation to build upon, even in small ways. This could be something as silly as you love nature, so taking walks makes sense so you can be more in nature.

If you aren't sure what affirmations are right for you in journal prompts one and two, read my book Repeat After Me: How to Change Your Life in 1,111 Affirmations or Less.

Reinvention Powered By Intention

The most effective reinventions are those guided by a clear goal or intention.

My intention-setting process involves creating a list of identity-upgrading goals, often focused on embodying attitudes and habits I haven't fully stepped into yet. I'm not attached to everything happening in one year, but I inevitably see positive shifts that move me closer before the year is up. Sometimes the way things come together is so odd, like how my car accident lead me to the idea of the best selling book that changed my life.

I also keep a "manifestation bucket list" of more random, just-for-fun goals to exercise my ability to attract things into my life.

Intending to make progress in an area of your life with a flexible timeline is often more powerful than a resolution, because the goal is progress, like my blog post on my theme for this year - Again, But Better.

Embracing Plot Twists

Sometimes life throws us a curveball. Embracing the twists, seeing them as opportunities for growth rather than setbacks, is key.

Wouldn't you rather have a silver lining than believe the shitty situation happened for no reason?

There have been dozens of times when seemingly unrelated and traumatic events ended up giving me the growth and skills I needed to meet my goal. Like my husband's cancer journey and experiencing poverty as a young mom...

I talk in detail about how these events helped me publish my first book and finally have the confidence to change my life in Stronger Now: How to Thrive in Any Circumstance.

By gaining clarity on your "why," infusing your goals with intention and faith, building on the proof of what you want that already exists, and seeing unexpected plot twists as opportunities, you'll be well on your way to changing your life.

So dream big, trust yourself and stay open - your most amazing self is possible.

What is waiting for your behind your reinvention?

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