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Badass Affirmations for Manifestation: Phone Wallpapers

Hello to my fellow badass manifestors. Whether you are a law of attraction warrior, love Human Design, or just focus on feeling good without learning any of the "rules" of the universe, these affirmation wallpapers are for you.

Each of these affirmations was pulled from my book, Repeat After Me: How to Change Your Life in 1,111 Affirmations or Less. If you enjoyed them, grab your copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Manifestation, as you know, is the art of bringing into your reality what was once imagined.

Through confidence work, I've grown my ability to intentionally manifest my current life and have:

  • Quadrupled my income to six figures

  • Become credit card debt-free (now only using debt with intention and sparingly, rather than being buried by fees and interest)

  • Sold my books to an international audience

  • Felt more at peace in my body and started treating it with love and kindness

  • More understanding of my unique power in the world

  • Changed my work/life balance, now working remotely and with less grind

  • Created more options and freedom for every other desire in my life

and naturally, so much more. Focusing on my ability to manipulate my life to suit what is important to me has been such a blessing.

If you too are ready to leave victimhood behind and harness further your ability to manifest your dream life, use these affirmations as one of your tools. Read more in Repeat After Me, where I share how I am using these affirmations, anchoring in my belief in them, and how I add Affirmation Qualifiers to any beliefs I am having trouble believing.

5 Badass Affirmations for Manifesting:

  1. The Universe is Within Me.

  2. The world moves around me but I am calm, still water.

  3. What I put out into the world, I receive back ten fold.

  4. I am selective about who I let into my energy.

  5. I am so powerful that I don't know where my edge is yet.

Your manifestation wallpapers are below - feel free to also share this Reel on Instagram.

First Photo: Red Waves on Pexels


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