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Failure is a Passion Project

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Did you know that in the past couple of years, I tried to launch at least four online stores as part of my financial freedom plans? I've written, brainstormed, and daydreamed about countless books, some that I have finished and others I have not. I even worked on several ideas that I was so motivated about at the time, both for my business and personal life, but I ended up walking away from when it no longer lit me up.

For years I carried guilt, judgment, and fear with these ideas that didn't pan out. Especially when it came to the fear of getting things wrong again, in front of my audience, and letting them down. After writing my last book (and a recent string of failures) I had an epiphany that will forever change my life. Failure is the key to it all.

I'm excited to talk about this on the podcast and on Instagram today because I know this topic may help you to feel motivated to keep trying, even when you can't always juggle all the things you want to do.

I realized that I failed because I tried, I tried because I was hopeful, and I was hopeful because deep down I know I have it in me to succeed.

I decided that I won’t shame myself for getting things wrong and continue to pursue my passion because if I want to go places, failure is a part of the deal. This lesson became very clear to me as I wrote Stronger Now and will dramatically impact how I interact with the world and my ideas for the rest of 2020.

Life is fragile, and while we hear advice to "do it afraid" all the time. What does that really mean? It means that what you want to do is worth doing even while there is risk. Fear is a bioproduct of fear of risk, lack of control, and judgment. We are all familiar with how those emotions feel. But are your dreams worth it? The answer is always yes.

Since then, I haven't let fear cripple my passion and the possibilities I can and will create. It doesn't mean that I won't stumble, but it does mean I'll keep trying and improving every day. I made it my mission to help others see the potential in them through mindset coaching (applications open now), where I guide my readers to achieve their greatest desires.

Giving yourself the permission to fail is giving yourself the right to try. It provides valuable lessons and experience that you won’t learn from anything else. And honestly? The more you try and fail, the more you succeed. So, go out there and fail. Do it again. I'll be there with you.

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Remember, be proud of who you are, how far you’ve come, and who you are becoming.


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