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Read This If You Have Self-Sabotaged

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Hi 💞 missed you.

I haven’t updated my blog and newsletter to talk to you in a while. There were a few reasons for that. If you have a few spare minutes, I would like to tell you about it.

There have been many times in the past few years, where I have backed out of what I wanted to do out of fear. Can you relate to that?

Self-sabotage sucks 😢

It is like there is so much potential at the tip of my tongue, excited and ready to come out, but then my mind starts to create questions. It asks me if I can actually do it, should I do it, if I am good enough, if I would fail when I finally tried, and then that potential swirl of energy and ideas that came to the surface would start to dwindle and go back to the background.

After I started my personal development journey in 2018 from the hospital room my husband was staying in (I remember it so clearly) I started to learn how to question the beliefs that my mind tried to tell me were truth.

Because truth related to yourself is always subjective, what some people call "little 't' truth" - it is changeable and not actually truth.

I've been working since 2018 to change my mind about the limitations that I used to see as truth.

And it's worked 95% of the time. My life is completely different from my experiences in 2018 and I'm so grateful for that moment of intuition that sent me down this journey. (Let me know in a reply if you want to know the full story of that day).

There are a few things in my reality that I haven't shifted into yet, with some dreams tied in that I have always self-sabotaged on.

For me, self-sabotage can look like stopping and starting projects once outside people are involved, getting scared and quitting, launching something and then stopping talking about it, thinking I was a failure and that no one would listen to me so why try, or overplanning the idea and then not executing.

The one dream that I have been focusing on the last few months and finally pushing through self-sabotage on is...starting a personal development business. 🎉

In the past I've started putting out coaching packages, making and selling digital worksheets before putting them down, running a podcast, etc. Then deleting them. Shutting up about it. Telling myself that no one would want my advice. And at one point, I convinced myself that the reason I kept backing out of business ideas was because I wanted to have a boss forever. (lol no, that's not true🤪)

That was part of why my blog has been quiet and why I haven't sent any newsletters. I thought no one would care, which is not the vibe.

Repeat After Me: I'm no longer available to play small. I am no longer available for self-sabotage. I now believe in the power of my voice.

But after more than doubling my income in my career, publishing six books, re-writing the way I spoke to myself from lack to confident, becoming a leader in my circles, providing and thriving with my family no matter what trauma came our way, and more - I know I have a story to say and actionable personal development advice that can change lives.

So I put my fears behind me and started following those baby steps again that I did in 2018 to change my life, this time with the focus of believing that I was a sought-after business owner that had a story worth listening to and being inspired by.

I took those steps and wrapped them together into the offerings of my business so you too could change your circumstances, by pursuing mindset work in a way most people are scared of.

If you want a life far beyond what is "normal" for the people around you, you can't think and act like they do...

My first offer, a FREE masterclass centered around some of the backbone principles that helped me grow a flexible mindset and be able to back myself, is coming in a few days. I'll reveal the title of the masterclass in the next email I send, so stay tuned.

Part of this work has been treating my business with the same detail and optimization as my books, so I could finally show up without sabotaging - because I'm working from the same mindsets that made me successful in other areas of my life.

So I have a business plan and a mission statement. Want to hear the mission? 🤗

I serve driven and multitalented millennial women that are willing to follow the mindset principles that most ignore.

(AKA you)

Thanks for checking in and reading this long post. I appreciate your time and know we are in this together.

Let me know what you think in a DM. Can you relate to self-sabotaging?

Remember, you are unstoppable! Rebecca

Photo by Eftodii Aurelia from Pexels


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