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Picking a Phrase of the Year Instead of Word of the Year

You've heard of the concept of word of the year and likely found this post by searching "How do I pick my word of the year?" or "word of the year ideas" --I'm here to give you another idea.

Have you heard of a phrase of the year? Or call it a mantra, if you prefer.

In 2022 and 2023, I used phrases of the year and it changed my life. In particular, the one I used in 2023 made a significant impact on my life.

My phrase of the year was again, but better.

Why I chose this phrase: It implies that I enjoy what life and experiences I have now, but I want it improved. Gratitude, with a focus on progress.

I 100% recommend this phrase of the year and will be using it again in 2024 because it is an evolving phrase that is always valid.

Even if you didn't like some aspects of your life in the past year, saying "again, but better" asks for improvement. It's a take two or re-do, without saying the past was wrong, just that it can be improved.

An extra fun part is that this phrase isn't limiting. Better can mean a tiny bit better or BETTER with huge exclamation points and capitalization.

Here is how my life got better this year:

  • I tripled my career of book sales in 2023. All of my book sales from 2019-2022 as a whole were tripled in 2023. Let's do that again, but better!

  • I doubled my average steps per day. Again, but better!

  • New dog to our pack? I don't want more dogs in 2024 lol, but I will take more love and cuddles! Again, but better.

  • More work/life balance in my salary job with better delegating and successful projects. Fuck yeah. Let's do that again but better!

  • Dedicated credits every month to facials, massages, or gym time. Yes, let's do it again!

If this idea of having a re-do of the year, but better, I encourage you to try this phrase of the year.

How does a phrase of the year impact your New Year's Resolutions?

Having a phrase or mantra of the year helps guide your goals and progress, giving it extra fuel. When I made my goals for 2024, I focused on progress in what was going well rather than thinking about the energy of starting from scratch. Starting totally over can feel scary, so this focus on progress helps my mindset see more opportunities already available.

You can still have New Year's Resolutions with a phrase of the year. They just work together.

If you want to keep your word of the year, do both, or have another phrase in mind--let me know what you picked!

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